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African Quiz 2: What Did The Writer Imply?

Africans have a way of saying things that does not mean exactly what they say. They have a twisted language just like idiomatic expression.

This is the second part of the first part posted about a year ago. Bon voyage

  • Question of

    Don’t kill me

    • Do not murder me
    • Do not offer me low bargain
    • Do not deny my right
    • Do not laugh at me
  • Question of

    Drying eyes for me

    • Not respecting me
    • Looking me in the face
    • Staring fixedly at me
    • Avoiding me
  • Question of

    Eating from the same pot

    • Sharing a meal
    • Hating each other
    • Sharing a woman
    • Loving each other
  • Question of

    Getting a cooking equipment(jiko)

    • Marrying
    • Getting food on the table
    • Going to school
    • Being bewitched
  • Question of

    Has gone far

    • Has covered a long distance
    • Being spoiled
    • Sought the powers from God
    • Sought powers of a powerful witch
  • Question of

    Walking out

    • Not in the house
    • Strolling
    • Seeking love outside wedlock
    • Annoyed
  • Question of

    Sleeping out

    • Not sleeping at home
    • Literally sleeping out
    • Moving about
    • Sleep walking
  • Question of

    Being visited

    • Receiving visitors
    • Getting news
    • Travelling
    • Seeing ghosts
  • Question of

    Seeing the moon

    • Walking at night
    • Seeing the Monthly Periods
    • Dying
    • Awake
  • Question of

    Counting the roofing rails

    • Dead
    • Doing maths
    • Going to school
    • Blind


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