A quiz about Weapons

Weapons have been used for thousands of years. Humans kept improving on them and now we’ve those formidable drones and auto firing guns.

But when did the history of weapons start? What is the first weapon held or made by human?

Challenge yourself in this quiz about something we all have in our lives (your chopping knife is also one) :p

  • Who were the first people on record to have used bronze weapons?

    • The Sumerians
    • Native Americans
    • The Chinese
  • What is this weapon?

    • Haladie
    • Kakute
    • Madu
  • Atlatl is a …

    • Dart Weapon
    • Spear
    • Sword
  • Ethiopians deemed this weapon is useful for nothing more than impressing women.

    • Urumi
    • Shotel
    • Khopesh
  • Who were the first to introduce cavalry?

    • The Egyptians
    • The Assyrians
    • The Greeks
  • China was the first place where cannons were used for battle.

    • Yes
    • No
  • This was a weapon of the Edo-era Japanese police.

    • Katana
    • Jitsu
    • Sodegarami
  • Gun in Chinese is…

    • A close combat weapon
    • A firing weapon
    • A stick weapon

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