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A Quiz About Wales

Wales is one of the four constituent countries of the United Kingdom. Have a go at this quiz to test your knowledge about Wales and maybe learn something new!

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    Wales has a common border with which other UK country?

    • England
    • Scotland
    • Northern Ireland
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    Name the English king who conquered Wales in the 13th century

    • Henry III
    • Edward I
    • Edward III
    • Richard II
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    Which of these castles is NOT in Wales?

    • Harlech
    • Pembroke
    • Conwy
    • Ludlow
    • Caernarvon
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    What does the Welsh “bore da” mean?

    • Good morning
    • Goodbye
    • Good night
    • Good grief!
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    Where is the National Library of Wales?

    • Cardiff
    • Swansea
    • Brecon
    • Aberystwyth
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    Ynys Mon is Welsh for which island?

    • Skomer
    • Anglesey
    • Bardsey
    • Ramsey
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    Who is the patron saint of Wales?

    • St David
    • St George
    • St Andrew
    • St Patrick
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    Which Welsh county was traditionally known as “Little England Beyond Wales”?

    • Flint
    • Ceredigion
    • Pembrokeshire
    • Carmarthenshire
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    Which of these universities was formerly termed the University College of North Wales?

    • Aberystwyth
    • Bangor
    • Cardiff
    • Swansea
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    During the 20th century, what was the principal product of the area of South Wales known as The Valleys?

    • Wheat
    • Cattle
    • Vegetables
    • Coal


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