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A little historical quiz .Check your knowledge!


Robin Biznis  21.  March.2018 Belgrade, Serbia

In this quiz you will not be given an answer for a date that has ever happened.Dates are quickly forgotten if they are not repeated frequently.But I will therefore ask you questions about historical events, names of significant battles and famous people.Check your memory.

Pleasant party.


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    What was the name of the Queen of England who was the shortest on the throne? It was a queen in the period of July. 10-19. 1553?

    • Anne Boleyn
    • Jane Seymou
    • Anne of Cleves
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    Which French King had the nickname Sun?

    • .Louis XIV
    • Louis XV
    • Louis XVI
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    What was called the prime minister who united the German Empire after the 25 victories he led under the slogan “Blood and Iron”.

    • Wilhelm Friedrich Ludwig
    • .Franz Von Lenbach
    • Otto Von Bismarck
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    What was the name of the Turkish military leader who led his army in the Siege of Vienna?

    • Murat I
    • Mehmed is the second conqueror
    • Suleiman the Magnificent
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    What famous person died in the siege of the fortress Alamo?

    • Antonio , Santa Anna
    • .William Barret “Buck” Travis
    • David Davy Crockett
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    In which English city, a monument for fame was erected to Robin Hood

    • London
    • Birmingham
    • Nottingham
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    .How did she call the greatest tank battle in World War II?

    • Battle of Kursk
    • .Battle of Ardennes
    • Battle for Stalingrad
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    Which Japanese city fell the first atomic bomb that soon led to the breakdown of World War II?

    • Nagasaki
    • Kyoto
    • Hiroshima


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