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Robin Biznis November 15.2018 Belgrade

It seems that the previous quiz of literary knowledge of literature was difficult for some people.So I’m returning a quiz where we answer questions from different areas.I believe that it will be easier for you to solve and that it will show you more knowledge.In any case, this serves both to check your memory and to have fun.Let’s begin.Good luck.

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    When he saw this city, the German poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe said that he was only now really feeling that he was born?

    • Berlin capital of Germany
    • Vienna capital of Austria
    • Roma capital of Italy
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    The Elite Winter and congress Center Davos is located in?

    • Switzerland
    • France
    • Italy
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    Grifon vulture bird lesion in Serbia makes a nest above the river?

    • River Tara
    • River Uvac
    • River Drina
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    Which colors of the volcano Ijen in Indonesia cast out lava as sulfur flames?

    • Blue
    • Red
    • Black
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    What is the name of the German city in which the first pocket watches were awarded?

    • Franfurkt
    • Cologne
    • Nienburg
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    When the end of World War I is celebrated?

    • November 10
    • November 11
    • November 13
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    Which year is set the monument , Statue of Liberty?

    • 1882
    • 1884
    • 1886
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    On which island Napoleon Bonaparte died?

    • Corsica
    • St.Helena
    • Alba


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