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10 Unusual Ice Creams

I’ve never heard of these ten ice cream flavours. Have you? See how many of them you know from the clues in the questions. Would you like to try any of them? Good luck.

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    This British ice cream comes flavoured with a food we traditionally associate with breakfast. Can you name this flavour?

    • Corned beef and cabbage
    • Bacon and eggs
    • Roast pork and vegetables
    • Chicken and salad
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    Don’t break a leg thinking about this ice cream. Which one is it?

    • Tonsils with Bourbon Smoked Cherries
    • Liver with Bourbon Smoked Cherries
    • Appendix with Bourbon Smoked Cherries
    • Bone Marrow with Bourbon Smoked Cherries
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    This staff of life ice cream would surely please any baker. Can you select the correct name?

    • Fried rice ice cream
    • French fries ice cream
    • Milk shake ice cream
    • Brown bread ice cream
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    Many of the ladies on this site are quite possibly wedded to one of these. Can you name this ice cream?

    • Chubby Child
    • Chubby Canary
    • Chubby Grandmother
    • Chubby Hubby
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    Perhaps this savoury ice cream was once very popular in Transylvania for keeping away the vampires. With what is it flavoured?

    • Crosses
    • Garlic
    • Wooden stake
    • Enamel
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    Perhaps this ice cream will see you putting your limbs in and out on the dance floor, given its name. Which one is it?

    • Ticket ice cream
    • Pumpkin ice cream
    • Conductor ice cream
    • Hokey pokey ice cream
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    Does this ice cream have the ability to produce a valuable jewel? Which one is it?

    • Sleeping Beauty ice cream
    • Rapunzel ice cream
    • Joker ice cream
    • Superman ice cream
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    Like the animal itself, you’ll roar with delight at this ice cream flavour. Which one is it?

    • Mouse tail ice cream
    • Hummingbird tail ice cream
    • Canary tail ice cream
    • Tiger tail ice cream


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