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"Your slip is showing"

I remember those days how embarrassed I used to feel when anyone pointed out to me that my slip was showing.  

Today it is a fashion to show one’s innerwear. Not something I would go for but when famous fashion designers make it a trend there are enough followers. 

This expression ‘Your slip is showing’ is also used when one points out mistakes.  Not all take to it kindly.  I would love to be told.  Constructive criticism is hard to come by these days,  each one minding their own business. 

  • Do you mind if someone points out your mistakes?

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Written by grace

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  1. Because everyone just has to be so politically correct these days their souls shrivel up and die. No one should argue for the sake of argument but I believe we must reason together, in the Christian Bible we are expected to reason with one another, reason being the operative word, not argue: meaning “To cause vexations to the spirit.”


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