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Perhaps many times in the past, we often complain that this life is unfair. Sometimes, we are treated unfairly, like when we were young, you scrambled for toys and clashed with other children, but in the end, only you were punished and thought to be spoiled. Or like when you try hard, but you can’t achieve what you want, while others easily get everything for the simple reason that their starting point is higher than yours. You are extremely frustrated and upset, sometimes you even blame the things you cannot choose such as your background, life situation or difficulties you encounter. You blame unfair life and always stress yourself as well as those around you. However, you should understand that life is inherently unfair, of course, it is not for anyone who becomes more fair.

One of the world’s richest billionaires – Bill Gates – admits: “Life is inherently unfair. Get used to it!”

  • Like it or not, you still have to admit that life always has unfair things … Don’t try to change your mind about injustice?

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