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You Are the Sky

I love this quote. It seems hopeful. If you simply remember that looking up can make all the difference in the world with your dreams, success, goals and life. When others try and drag you down, and they will, just consider it weather. It comes and goes and the sky (you ) still remain true to yourself and your beliefs. 

Perhaps thoughts like these come with age and experience. Perhaps some never mature enough to understand.

As for me, I love the quote and tonight, like every night I will walk out to see the night sky and rest well.

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    Can you view negative things as just weather?

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  1. I love everything that relates to the sky: clouds, sunsets, and stars. Now waiting for August sky, it is the stariest here at this time.

    • I am extremely thankful when those of you have the talent of capturing some of these things are so willing to share. It makes my life better.