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Yellow Bells

Yellow Bells are ornamental plants cultivated for their showy blooms. They are also known as , Esperanza, Yellow Trumpet-bush, Yellow Trumpet flower, Trumpet bush, Trumpet flower, Yellow Elder etc. The botanical name of the bush is Tecoma stans.

This is one of the easiest plants to grow, A tiny cutting or a seed is enough to start this huge bush. The nectar from the bunches of plants attract ants , bees, sun birds and other nectar loving insects. The bushes bloom  throughout the year.

The Yellow bells is the official flower of the United States Virgin Islands and the it is the floral emblem of The Bahamas.

The seed pods when dry make a very soft and melodious sound when shaken in the wind. The serrated green leaves of this plant make it look beautiful even when the bush is not in bloom. Tecoma stans also makes great bonsai plants if trained well.

It is often considered a weed because of its spreading habit. The winged seeds take root easily in rainy season and it could become a menace if not contained well.

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    • People plant these bushes in front of the house as they believe it brings prosperity. It does bring so much brightness and joy that is for sure.