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Yard Sales for Great Buys

A large number of people, at least in the US, have yard sales and garage sales every year. It is a great way to get rid of “gently used” items while making a little money. At the same time, it is a great way for people to pick up things they can use without spending a great deal of money.

Our town has a yearly “yard sale weekend” when there are many yard sales going on, all at the same time. This lets people go from one yard sale to the next, without spending much extra time doing it. Of course, there may be yard sales and garage sales on any weekend in the summer, but this is the big yard sale weekend.

Among the many people who are having yard sales, our church is having one. The items have been donated by people in the congregation and the proceeds are being used to send kids to bible camps. Bible camp isn’t cheap and it usually costs around $200 per child, minimum. By having the yard sale, many kids will have the opportunity to go to camp who wouldn’t otherwise be able to go. 

The consensus is that the kids have a blast when they go, too. It is helpful for the kids and for the parents, who usually enjoy at least a little time without having the kids around.

The yard sale the church has features a lot of different items and the price of those items is on a donation basis. Naturally, people need to make an honest donation, but so far, everyone who has come to the yard sale has been doing that. We got a new cooking utensil set and a fish net for $20.

  • Do you ever go to yard sales or garage sales?

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    • There are no yard sales where I live
    • I only go to a yard sale once in a while
  • Have you ever had a yard sale or garage sale?

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  • Do you think that this sign (which is at the church) is cute?

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Written by Rex Trulove

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  1. My best yard sale find was back in the late 70s/early 80s. It was a brand new, unused Sekonic incident light meter. The going price was around $150 in the stores. I paid $5.00. I still have it although I never use it anymore.

    • This is the third year that they’ve done it, to send kids to camp. Last year, they raised enough to send several kids to camp and to help a few more to be able to go.

      If you are downsizing, maybe you need to have a yard sale?

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