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Writing sites that pay

I have been on several  writing sites that pay, for a few years now.  Several  have closed down, some I have left because they stopped paying and some took the writers for a ride. .

Today I am on just three sites and spend most of my time here at Virily.  I like it here and I do well here because I actively participate. 

I have  memories of sites that no longer exist. Some did pay well and the interaction was great but they just vanished without a trace. The site that informed its users that they will no longer pay is Wikinut.  They  also permitted us to delete our work there so that we can use our articles elsewhere.  But those sites that did not let us delete our posts we lost all our work. Such is life. 

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  1. I’ve joined a site that pays for reviews. I think they’re a bait and switch. Have double standards and then rip their writers.

    Entry is easy (if you can write quite decent, primary school standard English) and they approve and pay fast. When you get near your payment (it’s very high!), nightmare starts! They’ll take a longer time to review and then eventually reject ALL if not 90% of your submissions. They won’t give you any reason, and if you do contact them, they’ll just throw insults and nitpick on things like photo size, quality and such. The excuse that made me LOL was “you should only write about products from your area” when I wrote about a facial product from Face Shop. Oh and one more, “you should not write about films that have no English subtitles!”

    Sorry for the rant … just have to give that 2 “excuses” because they’re so damn funny LOL

      • Well, I’m not sure how they’re NOW. But if you asked me about how they’re like few years back, then I’ll say “RUN!”

        It feels to me that they pay in batches, like in a way that so they’ll still have users who are there to write positive reviews on them. Maybe you can get paid at first then it just becomes harder and harder.

        Anyway, since you asked, I’m gonna give you a few “red flags” and let you decide on your own.

        1) I’m not sure how they pays now but back then minimum payment is 10x the FULL amount of the first post accepted. So if you wrote as image-base and the FULL rate is $15, even you get paid only bulk rate (I think is 1/5 the FULL amount, so that means $3!) for that first post, your minimum to cashout is still $150 (10×15).

        2) You’ll hardly get paid in full, usually bulk rate … Unless you’re very good in writing or you’ve a very interesting or unique products to review on…

        3) They have the “trust score” system which can easily be manipulated by them or haters. If someone decide to sabotage you, your trust score can skydive overnight! Trust score is linked with how much rate you get. Let’s say a trust score of 100 means a FULL rate of $15, but a trust score of 50 MIGHT be around $10 or lesser. So if you divide that out, your bulk rate will be pathetic!

        Anyway, if you do wish to join, my advise is DO NOT give any of your personal info to them, DO NOT upload your photo (they only allow real-person photo). They WILL NOT remove or allow you to change it even when you asked. They claim it’s “their property”! So unless you’re okay with that, do not upload your photo!

      • Doesn’t matter you read it all or not, there will be somethings that you’ll only know after joining.

        Well, they didn’t specifically say you MUST give your photos and info but they DO affect your trust score after some time. I think there is a msg that pops out somewhere that says if you upload your photo and link with social media, readers will “trust your reviews more”. Something along this line. Anyway, at some point they’ll drop your trust score due to that and the msg will appear.

        Anyway, I’ve talked (back then) to a few that contacted them and they not only get insulted but also get a respond from the admin that they’ve “Paid”, it’s just that they (the writers) cannot reach the cashout to receive it!

        From then on, the few of us left.

      • I really don’t know the exact insults thrown at them because they didn’t give me details. They just told me generally that they don’t feel appreciated and that “Paid” thingy.

        I cannot say for others, but I was lure in, got a few fast and easy approvals… then well, bad things starts! Slow approvals, rejections with silly “reasons”…etc.
        I’ve no idea why people are staying or that perhaps the site do pay to a small selective group of users to generate positive reviews and have an “army” to defend them. I cannot say for sure. Perhaps you should do some digging on your own, read all the reviews about them, old and new and look for payment proves, all praises without payment is nothing!

  2. Textbroker is a site I write on. This site is about writing for clients. Writers take and pass a simple exam to see what classification to put you in. This can lead to more assignments, So far I have had no rejections I used to write for ehow, ListMy5 which all closed down. I just quit blogit, it just is not worth it.

  3. Thanks for this post, Grace!
    I’m starting to pick up momentum here on Virily. I’m very grateful to everyone who visit my work and puts in the time to engage in interesting conversations.
    I have an account on Hubpages. But I have to get on with it very soon.

  4. For me the the top three will always be Hubpages, Bitlanders and postloops. Two have bitten the dust along with at least a 30 others I have been on. I have learned a lot from these sites and enjoyed them as long as they existed.

  5. Helium Networks informed us they were about to shutdown the mother site and vertical sites. I managed to save a couple of articles.
    It is one of the best writing sites I have come across. They carried out contests twice a month with three cash prizes to b won. They paid for views and by comparing two articles. The articles that received the highest votes we’re better indexed on search engines.
    The other that informed us was Suite101. It was a site like Virily but much better.

        • They require lengthy articles which is understandable. Google insists on lengthy articles so as to better index them because majority of searchers search informative articles.
          It will take a minimum of 6 months to start earning good money.

        • Generally, when you start a blog you wont start earning immediately. It usually takes a year to start earning at least good money though some can take even more than two years.
          For sites like Hubpages, the estimated time to start earning ‘good’ money is at a minimum of 6 months. Some can take a year or more to start earning decent money.
          Vertical sites pay better than the mother site. However, articles are usually published on the mother site. You can request for a published article on the mother site to be published on a vertical site or when the moderators find your article fit to be published on a vertical site, they will do so.
          Articles on mother site do well and can earn from it but high traffic is on vertical sites.


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