Would you rather …?

I love would you rather kind of questions because they can make me understand myself more sometimes …

And the best of all, they’re fun!!

  • Would you rather…

    • Lose your health
    • Lose your job
  • Would you rather…

    • Cannot go online for a week
    • Cannot play any games for a week
  • Would you rather…

    • Be stuck in a room full of cockroach
    • Be alone in a haunted house
  • Would you rather…

    • Get disconnected when your 2GB file is 99% downloaded
    • get killed at the final stage of a game you’ve played for days without saving
  • Would you rather…

    • Be banned on Virily
    • Lose all your earnings on Virily
  • Would you rather…

    • Be popular in real life but only have 0-5 views per post
    • Be popular online but have no friend in real life
  • Would you rather…

    • Earn 30K a month working 12-14 hours a day
    • Earm 800 a month working 2-4 hours a day
  • If someone have to die…

    • A not so close relative
    • A good friend
  • Would you rather…

    • Play games non stop 10 hours a day
    • Keep eating non stop 8 hours a day
  • Would you rather …

    • Lose all your remote controllers at home
    • Lose all your powerbanks/portable chargers
  • Would you rather …

    • PC/desktop break down
    • phone break down
  • Would you rather …

    • cannot have any vegetable
    • cannot have any meat (even fish)
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