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Perhaps you do not know, the cell phone you are using may have more bacteria than the toilet, because the toilet is always flushed regularly. So the kitchen can contain more bacteria than the toilet. That is why you should clean the kitchen regularly and pay attention to food safety when preparing food for the family.

Food-borne illnesses may not be so dangerous, but they often cause lots of annoyances and discomfort, especially for young children when the immune system is not fully developed.

Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before preparing to prepare any type of food, especially raw meats.

You should also prepare many cutting boards to use for different foods such as raw, cooked or vegetables. After use, you must clean the cutting board clean, check for any cracks or crevices on the cutting board, because that is where bacteria or hiding.

Kitchen tops, cabinets, cupboards and handles should also be cleaned and disinfected regularly. In addition, you should plan to wash your kitchen rags regularly to avoid spreading germs to surrounding areas

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