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(A Few Words on) My Virily Discussions and Some New Photos Poll

Hi everyone!

Since this site is slowly taking a turn into a “Discussion Site” with my posts, starting looking something/more like myLot (or Tuetego) where making discussions, commenting on them and liking comments and discussions are the way of earning… So when we get a Forum and it starts working this can be an example how Virils could be earned there… ? Although I am not that much big of a fan of discussing and quarreling…!!!

There was a lot of comments, and I needed a lot of time to answer all of them, so, sorry for not being that active on your posts!…

So, because it became a little overwhelming and I need to back off a little from my Virily discussions (although I have already started “cooking” some new Virily themed posts about some new constructive and issues solving ideas in my Drafts folder…! ?), I decided to post something different and relaxing…

These are the photos I made the previous summer… There is a quay which is full of cafe’s, restaurants and night clubs, and these photos are made one evening while I was sitting with my friend in one of them, chatting, drinking coffee (of course ;))… I especially liked the unusual blue lights reflection on the chairs and other objects…

I hope you will like them and tell me what you think! πŸ˜‰

Thank you and enjoy!!! πŸ™‚

  • Do you like the first photo?

    • Yes
    • No
    • So-so
  • Do you like the second photo?

    • Yes
    • No
    • So-so
  • Which photo do you like better?

    • The first photo
    • The second photo
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What do you think?

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Written by tasartcraft

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    • Thank you, glad you like it!!! πŸ™‚
      Oh, thank you for that, although I’m not sure I know much about those things!!! :/ :)) I certainly don’t know much about “growing an audience”, that is the thing I’m wondering about myself, at least outside Virily… πŸ˜€
      What do you mean by “challenge set”… – to make a challenge myself or something else… (I’m already preparing one although I’m not sure I should put it as a challenge ;/ :))?

      • I’m actually challenging you How you got to 64,000 plus virilies and have so much interaction in your posts. A typical interaction for me is maybe 11 comments or so and yours is ridiculously higher. I know outside of Virily it takes time to grow an audience but as much work as I do, I believe there is an element I”m missing.

        I have almost 11,000 virilies-you just are way ahead and I’m just wondering what you found that works. My challeng to you is what are the things you think have improved your interaction on virily? How did the numbers grow? I’ve got an idea to help us both….How about an Interview on Virily-I will interview you with some of your work and maybe a screenshot of all your badges than I come up with a bunch of questions-you answer them and we do a post. I will share it on my site and you share it on yours-what do you think?

        • I somehow feel like it is a kind of a provocation while I don’t have anything bad for you to say except appreciate you and your posts.
          The only thing I do is opening and commenting as many posts I can, I also post and get views and comments from the members of the site, and sometimes guest views too… I am active almost every day here for hours while you come and interact every now and then.
          I am also probably here longer than you…..
          And there WAS a bug on the site when saving drafts that was giving points after every save of the draft, but that is now fixed and probably some amount of those points is “fake” due to that bug, and the earnings and points will be reduced for that “fake traffic” (at least it should be I think…..:/) so I think you should just interact and post more…..

          • No, I think maybe the word challenge is a disconnect-I think I should have said I’m inspired by your activity and want to know if you have any ideas or hints that might help others-not a challenge, more of a complement.

            Your group of posts are very helpful though. I see you do have more posts that naturally get response because you do great interaction.

            I’m inspired and ready to be here more-for a while there I was everyday but I got overwhelmed. Thanks for all your posts and I really enjoy your well thought out and engaging posts. Have a wonderful day

        • Now that I’ve read your comment again I think maybe you should just use the limits that are set here…: opening posts, commenting on them, answer all notifications, post a lot and wisely choose which kind of posts to publish – each of them earns a different amount of points…
          The amount of comments I get is mostly on my Virily themed posts since it’s something that made a lot of frustration here while you were away….. Also, when you comment on a lot of posts people then “turn the favor”….. Maybe you should read my latest post(s), there I wrote a lot of the way I’m acting (opening and commenting posts) here……

        • I still think there are people who gained A LOT MORE POINTS than I have, they earn them daily, and no one is commenting on their posts nor unusually do they on other people’s posts… I know 1 of them earns a lot from “sharing” her posts everywhere (guest views)….. 😐

        • PS A lot of my Virily themed posts are interactive posts, like one user called it… The theme is something that interests all the members and they like to express their opinion on that cause it was and is something that frustrates us all —– that is why I wrote those posts at the first place…!

        • Thanks and sorry for the misunderstanding…..! Yes, that is how I understood it at first, and like I said, I have read your comment again and thought maybe it was an honest question like you now described but wasn’t sure… I was actually confused because I didn’t understand your first comment in a negative way neither… Unfortunately, lately there were some accusations and bad reactions on some things from some of the members, some people understand things differently, so I am a little sensitive now, especially that I am currently overwhelmed by the activity on this site too…..! πŸ™‚ It can really be too much sometimes….. I am actually kind of overwhelmed because of those reactions and different opinions and kind of disappointed now so I’m trying some new approaches….. ;/ But what I wrote is mostly the way I do here so I hope it was helpful….. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

          Thank you. I guess it’s like that and something I found interesting and engaging, although now I’m actually missing posting just regular posts on my art and just saying “thank you” instead of going into discussions and explaining myself or my opinion, etc.

          Yes, that is how I feel now and find it hard even to respond to a comment… :/ Thank you very much, I’m glad you like them…..! You too!

  1. It does get hard to keep up, but you do a really good job. No worries on backing off on the more serious stuff.. I love the poll. Both pictures are great, I answered yes, yes and I picked the second photo. I love the first one, the colors in the furniture are spellbinding but the water level puts me off, just barely enough to pick the second one because it’s level. Both are great and very eye catching!

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