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Wonderful memories of my school

I am still in touch with my school and have even created a page on Face Book that has received well over 1000 likes.

Students post messages and photos on my page.  We have old students events every year. I used to attend those events but now since I do not travel much I do not although those who organise get in touch with me for suggesting games and such

I organised a class mates meet years ago and we now meet often.

This was our school anthem

Hearts of honour brave and true,

Let our voices ring,

Join  we here together

And united sing

Lady Hill our Hearts with gratitude over flow

Hail our school for ever more

Chorus:  Per ardua Ad Astra,

Moto, bless we follow, lead on

 To duties past aright

Onwards, where soever leads us

God will lead us ever with his might


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