Women’s World Cup 2019 Final (Poll)

The FIFA Women’s World Cup final will take place this Sunday at the Groupama Stadium in France.  The match will be between the defending champions USA against the Netherlands.  Both teams play with an attacking 4-3-3 style that will ensure that the match will not be boring.  Will the USA repeat or will a new champion be crowned?

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    USA or Netherlands – who will win?

    • USA
    • Netherlands
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    Will you watch the final?

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    • No


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        • Plus, the women will win the lawsuit against US Soccer in regards to them paying way the men way more than the women when the women have generated more money for US soccer than the men this year.

          • Perhaps they will win. The revenue split has always been an issue. Men’s soccer globally earns much more than Women’s so when you say equal, what does that mean?

            If one group ears a dollar in revenue and the other earns 50 cents are you going to split the revenue equally? (you get 1/2 of the revenue earned which is what the US does today) or are you setting an artificial bar that says both must be paid equally.regardless of revenue?

            If the larger countries decide to pay equally regardless of revenue, it will drive smaller countries out of the woman’s world cup.

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