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Women distinguish more colors and shapes – On average 20% more than men. It is possible that a woman actually knows the difference between beige and eggshell, and that she can more quickly distinguish dark blue from black. Perhaps it is this percentage differentiation that makes it easier for women to always find what men say they do not find (especially in kitchen cabinets).

Women live an average of 2 more years than men – This happens with humans but also with chimpanzees and with female orangutans. This very interesting fact may serve to compensate those who say that women lose – on average – a year of life choosing what to wear.

Women have more nightmares than men – And they always have more emotional dreams. Do you see those scenes of jealousy that seem to have no basis at all? The blame can always be on dreams. Or in this case: from nightmares.

Women have fewer car accidents – What contradicts the saying: woman behind the wheel, constant danger. Statistically, there are fewer car accidents associated with women and there are even countries where insurance for women is cheaper.

Women say about 20,000 words a day – This is about 13,000 words more than men. It remains to be seen whether this happens simply because they are talkative, or because … men never hear anything at first.

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  1. Curious statistics. I wonder why women have more nightmares than men, I also wonder if those statistics can be broken down by country. I mean do women living in a certain part of the world have more nightmares than women living in a different part of the world? Just curious.

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