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With The Universe ~ Silhouettes Saturday

Started by The Who who asked Who Are You

U2 sigh, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

when Kansas flies Dust In The Wind

they just don’t care of Hells Bell

as shouted by AC/DC

for before they always wonder If I could Fly

as Helloween dream of

though they know that Rainbow

always has Stargazer

but then the dust obeys David Bowie‘s order

changed to Starman

in Secret Journey with The Police

in space, then surrendered to Frank Zappa‘s musings

deterrent and disintegrate into Cosmic Debris

enlightened in Slade’s Roaring Silence

then do nothing other than Whispering Prayer

as struck by strings strangled by Steve Vai

until as said by Deep Purple, finally

Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming

in Silent Lucidity as told by Queenscryce

from which I know what Metalica hum

Nothing Else Matters

Happiness Is The Road anyway

as Marillion pondering in a silhouette way.

If a little pleasure does not spoil your love art

then let it be the comfort of the heart

occasionally an appreciation room will be grateful for the tart

while reminding that the universe is the music itself.

  • Question of

    Apart from your device, can you believe that from the universe we can hear orchestras too?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Or can you hear music from (within) yourself?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. Cannot relate much except for The Police ???. As to the orchestra from the universe, how about the cicadas at dusk; or the chirping of the birds during sunrise; or the rustling of leaves when the air touches them; or the waves kissing the shore? And of course, there is always music in pixie’s head unless she is in pretty bad mood ?


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