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Wisdom is an important factor in my life

Life can be simple or as complicated depending on the circumstances. I believe some people have the ability to make the best decisions on matters that requires immediate attention. I consider myself lucky that I have gained valuable wisdom throughout the years of my life. Wisdom is necessary because it makes life a bit better. Moreover, wisdom is indeed an important factor in my life. I’m going to share with you where I have acquired some nuggets of wisdom. Some of them might be familiar while others perhaps new.

These are in random order:

  1. Pinterest quotes
  2. YouTube videos (Law of attraction)
  3. Aha moments
  4. Synchronicity
  5. Nonfiction books
  6. Films
  7. Friends
  8. Tarot
  9. Dreams

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    What’s your favorite way of getting wisdom?

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  1. There’s certainly some interesting ways to gain wisdom in your article.

    What is wisdom though, and how do we acquire it?

    I would say that knowledge is not wisdom, nor is the bed of truth that it lies upon, no, wisdom is the ability to discern the truth from the knowledge in a useful way, that’s all.

    You gain this discernment over time from life’s experiences, and from every life experience, you can gain a little more insight and wisdom, if you remain open to your doing so.

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