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Wild Nature ~ Nature Tuesday

On the side of a road between the two capital cities, there is a small protected forest area. This forest is a hilly ravine in the mountainous region. Actually, this forest is just one of several protected forest areas in the mountains. Although the forest was guarded because of its designation, because of its location close to the highway, and it was relatively close to residential areas as well it was certain that the forest was not virgin or wild forest that had never been touched by humans.

Talking about wild forests, or wild nature, there are interesting similarities between wild forests and us. A similarity but also a difference; similar but not the same. By taking some understanding of the word “wild” which means living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated. Uninhabited, uncultivated, a natural state or uncultivated, I see that wild forests and their fillers – both forests that are close to civilization or far away – live naturally without human intervention, which even tried to be protected, to be kept untouched. On the other hand, there is also an untouched “wild” realm in us, which is also tightly protected by the civilized dimension of humans, and that is our soul.

Both wild nature or soul, are equally protected but with different objectives. If wild forests are protected so that important ecosystems needed by the Earth as our place of residence are maintained, the wild nature within us is protected so that we, with three of our four dimensions; physical, mental and emotional, learning through various ways. The funny thing is, many people with various interests try to get into the forest or wilderness out there, but rarely does anyone try to enter the wild within themselves, our own soul, our spiritual awareness, our fourth dimension. Unfortunately, there are other humans who intentionally or unconsciously prevent people from recognizing that wild side for various purposes.

  • If the wild forest or wild nature supports Earth’s life do you realize how the wild nature in us supports our lives?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Have you ever tried venturing into the virgin forest within you?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Which sense is more appropriate for you?

    • I am the owner of the soul.
    • The soul is my owner

What do you think?

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  1. Do I really need to tell you what I think? lol I know you know the answers I gave to each question, but for the sake of other readers. I recently lived in the high desert mountainous area without being hooked up to the power system. I went back to the very basics of living but with a modern day twist. I did have electricity but it was in the form of solar panels. We hauled our own water and filtered it. The sun heated it for showers. I lived that way for a year and really got to know a lot about myself. I answered, yes, yes and the soul is my owner.

  2. I think nature is inside us. And we like her have the same things. The muscles intertwine like the branches of the trees. Our veins are like the rivers. And when we are nervous or experiencing some anger, we are like a hurricane, a snow storm, or a volcano. Depending on the degree of our mood.

  3. There was a great book, the forest within (I think that was the title) I will have to go dig it out and reread it.

    The goal the author set out was to explain that each of us is both an interior and exterior forest. A wild and unknown and a known and tame forest.

  4. I own my soul because I do not want to lose control over my sometimes straying emotions. I also strive to keep a low grade balance in my life but being a Libra, I am most of the time totally unbalanced. BTW very pretty forest but are those fern trees that I see? I did not realize you had those types of trees in Indonesia.

    • I understand your reasons. I am sure that you are very committed to maintaining your life balance. Are you Libra? Hmmm… That’s why I see your loving and compassionate by nature.
      Indonesia as a tropical country has a very rich variety of plants, of course except for certain subtropical plants that require special conditions. Fern? Of course, it’s a lot everywhere. Do you like the plant?

  5. You are right, many are too busy with their lives and phones and other stuff they do not realize what may be in their own sol, body and minds. I do take the time to realize these things. I am learning all the time just how close with nature we all are. Almost as one.

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