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WiFi causes infertility in mens.

The increasing junk food trend and depression has affected the people fertility health especially infertility in men. A recent research revealed that WiFi increases risk of infertility among men.

According to a research in Japan, WiFi’s electro-magnetic waves make negative impact on men’s reproductive ability and cause sperm disorders. According to the World Health Organization, 15 percent of the couples are currently experiencing pregnancy problems worldwide and one third of these issues are related to men.

In this research , 52 men’s group was divided into 3 sections for this research. One group did not used Wifi and the 2nd group used WiFi through the Protection Shield,while the third group used WiFi without any security measures.

Research results found that the productivity capability of the WiFi non-use group was 53.3% in 2 hours after sampling patterns, while the users with WiFi with protection shield were 44.9 % and on the contrary to this , WiFi users’ reproductive capacity was just 26.4 %.

Experts say WiFi and mobile signals are harmful for health as well, however, men should reduce their use of WifI in order to prevent their self from Infertility and keep WiFi on distance at sleeping and sitting place.

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