Why You Should Join Virily

* Use Virily to generate traffic. Since you are able to insert links to your blog post articles, you can use Virily to generate traffic to your blog or website. I have already seen traffic coming from Virily on my WordPress dashboard.

* You can give and receive compliments. You can send compliments to other writers and receive compliments from them.

* Virily has a “Featured” section. If your articles are featured, you will get even more exposure from this site.

* Your writing will be exposed to new audiences of readers.

* You can make some extra cash.

* It’s easy to monetize on Virily. A Facebook group exists to help you get page views on each other’s posts so you can rack up the virils. Other Facebook groups exist as well to help you. The Virily Users Group exists as well to provide support for other Virilyans. However, this group requires you have 10 posts at Virily before they’ll admit you.

Making money on Virily is quick and easy. The moment I logged in for the first time, 4 and a half years ago, I already had 22 Virils. You may wonder how this is possible. Do you remember? I received 10 Virils for becoming a member, 10 for visiting a site, and I had a new follower which earned me 2.

.* Being a Virilyan increases your self-esteem. Within two days I was elevated from the status of a newbie to the status of a rising star.

  • Virily has interesting articles. You might want to use this content as research for your blog posts.
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