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Why you care about comments, and some cool upcoming tech!

One of the things I do from time to time is to help people grow their Virily viewers. Today, as part of my daily tech post the way of comments. Why do I care about comments?

  1. Every comment is a view. That means if you get a comment thread going with another Viridian, that goes 10, 12 or more comments deep that equates to views for the poster!
  2. By the by, the commenter also gets Virils for commenting!
  3. Comments are connection

The first two are pretty straight forward. The last one is the interesting part. When you comment on someone’s post, you are reaching out to that person.  There are far too many people on the site that make wonderful comments to mention by name. Comments help both the commenter and the poster to make a great connection and comment!

The growing expansion of 360-degree cameras is interesting. Two of the newer released 360 cameras now include a 3d scanner capability. I haven’t tried it (the scanning) yet but will and will post a review of the software and the camera when I get that chance.

The next interesting explosion is the number of new portable projectors that are being released this year. The definition of a portal projector varies. There are many that can be easily moved. Suitcases built to move projectors between locations. But those are less portable than the devices moving into the portable project space. Perhaps the better designation would be handheld. The handheld projector market is interesting. First, because Android TV is maturing, it, Android TV is the leader in the market right now. The important thing when getting a projection is the number of lumens it can produce — the more lumens, the brighter the projection. I will, as the device I have chosen to do a formal review.

Portable projects are interesting, but I’ve done reviews of those in the past. A few are also using Android TV.

I was catching up on reviews, but have fallen behind again.

  • Do you agree that comments are connections?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. When I give comment to a certain post, it means I noticed it and I am acknowledging what was included in the content. Though there are times when it is better not to leave a comment. As much as possible I want to add quality to a discussion, so when after reading a certain post, I know that I might not add something of value, I would be happy to just view a certain post.

  2. I usually do not get negative comments, but yesterday I got a negative one. i know it was just his opinion, but someone commented that my Marilyn Monroe drawing was not good. I know I am not a professional, but, I would never comment so negatively. He could have given me a few positive tips. Oh well, the next time I will not post a drawing unless it is good. I was just having fun on day, not trying to look professional. Sigh!

    • I talked about the reality of hiding behind anonymity before. It is a lot easier to be negative on the internet, no one knows your name!!!!

      Sorry, you got a negative comment LaJenna. Please, Post all the art you choose to!!! No one should control what other people post.

  3. Well sometimes. If there is a real comment or something sincere or unique it feels like a conversation. If someone notices that you have be to talking to yourself and says what the heck, that would begin a conversation. I have participated in very few conversations here. So I guess that’s why I often feel disconnected.

    Humm, learned something new about myself. Thanks.

    • I Think that is an interesting point, I know that when I get the occasional negative comment I tend to tailspin a bit.

      It is important to remember the honesty of the world.
      We don’t say things face to face that people say online.

      I have enjoyed many conversations here with you, but I do understand feeling disconnected.

  4. I totally agree with you that the comments are a link between us … I commented greatly but I never got a comment back … anyone who comments on me can surely return my comment … you can not force anyone to comment on you … I paint with I do not know anything about 360 degree cameras … I think the pictures from the phone are good

  5. Very interesting post. I agree that comments are connections between all the Virilyans and the outside world if there are any visitors. But comments go a little bit further. They give an introspective on the poster’s presentation and general article. I enjoy every comment that I have and I try as hard as I can to review them all and like them all even though they might seem offsetting. At least that way, I get some Virilyans that are what I personally call supporters and all time readers of my posts. As for your “whatever” (camera and Android TV) you are presenting here, I am sure that they are nice and dandy but I have no idea what you use them for except for the camera (sorry about that Doc but when it comes to technology I am big fat zero except when it comes to a laptop, a tablet and a little bit to a cellphone which I even rarely use as a camera).

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