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Why use cases are so important for Innovators…

One of the things I often do in my day job is created use cases. The use cases normally take an idea or a conce[t and push it towards what or how someone accomplishes a task. Use cases are not perfect. For an example, if we took the concept that is Virily, and walked back to the original use case, I suspect that original use case was something like “I want a place to share blogs and pictures easily.” Over time, they, the admin team and development team would then add other functional areas to the site. Use cases for people that didn’t share blogs or pictures. People that like to do polls. Or the people that like to do quizzes. These aren’t additional use cases; they are other functionality.

Use cases often drive to a goal.  One of the things that innovators often miss is the reality of use cases. I have a really good friend that always says there are three types of use cases, my cases, you cases, and us cases. All three are use cases but refer to the type of problem being solved. If you are solving a problem that impacts you, do it! If you intend to solve a problem you have, make sure other people also have the issue. My cases are important; no one likes ongoing issues. But when we love for my case to us case, it becomes more powerful. The US is more than me. That isn’t a diminishing of your problems or my problems overall; it is simply the reality of problems.

The more people that are impacted by a need want, or issue, the larger the potential market is for that overall solution. That is the magic space that innovators want to get to as quickly as possible. The use case they seek is the Us Case. Now, that means sometimes that innovators start with me or you case Where you or if it is me, has a problem that I am trying to solve.  For example, when I used to travel, I always felt bad that I couldn’t speak the language of most of the place I went. The reality of Travis and Pilot, I can now. I also, from a translation aspect, know that being able to comfort a lost child in their native language is often a huge relaxation moment for the child.

That said, the reality of me case was understanding. But a lot of people have that issue. I am making it a US issue.

That is how innovators get products accepted and funded, when they find the US case!

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I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. I would imagine that it was created for those that love to write and want to make cash, but just didn’t have many options of websites acceptable for any types of writings. What Virily does, it is apparently working to their advantage because they are still around and allowing us to continue to make money. These past weeks, I have learned to have patience with the site because I know they are fixing things to cater to us, as the contributors even though we may not agree with the change.

  2. To achieve anything it must be not only innovative but also feasible. I can compare it to my online writing which always has to be innovative to be interesting and attract readers and also feasible to be accepted and bring in money.

  3. the fact that admins review posts before allowing them to be posted demonstrates that the virily business model isn’t purely profit driven. since they used to censor even bikini pinups, I assume there is a moral bias to their use case

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