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Why playing a musical instrument is good for health

Today, I have read in the news that playing an instrument improves brain function, emotional stability, and reduces the effects of brain aging. Just listening to music does not give such an effect.

Here are the main reasons why we should learn to play a musical instrument:

– It improves executive brain function: we can make better decisions, process and store information;

– It improves speech recognition: playing an instrument helps a person’s brain process both musical sounds and consonants and vowels in speech;

– It improves memory: people who play instruments better remember spoken words;

– Musical skills also increase the ability to detect others’ emotions;

– It slows down brain aging;

– It improves mathematical and other scientific abilities;

– It improves self-esteem: a study in Florida schools found that children at risk who participated in a music group at school felt less estranged and more successful.

I can play the piano, and I do enjoy it! Hope that my efforts to learn will benefit my health.

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