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Why Men Suicide?

Do you know that the tendency of suicide is more in men than women, although suicide attempt rates are higher in women, however, according to the global data, a man commits suicide in every 40 seconds.

Experts believe that men commit suicide due to depression, but this question was troubling experts that what are the reasons for depression ? To know this, a wide range of investigations were conducted and ultimately the depression causes the consequences.

Experts say that men hesitate talking about their problems and they also get help less. If men talk open on their issues and ask unmatched help when needed then depression inside them will not be able to strengthen their roots.

It has also been said that excessive use of social media has a bad impact on mental health, Psychologist from Michigan University says, social media matters reduce real life reflections.

Oxford University official said in a research, It is more difficult for men to control over loneliness, loneliness, Dementia, etc. have negative effects on human behavior. In the United States, Britain and Europe, boys are taught that men do not cry and It is a sign of weakness, which has a negative impact on their psychology later.

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  1. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of suicide in the world. I know of 3 women who committed suicide and one man. Yes, men do rate high for committing suicide.
    A lot is unemployment, low wages and stress and not being able to meet demands.
    Plus the bullying behaviour or other people.
    Plus, loneliness…depression etc…

  2. My opinion is that men are reluctant to talk about their problems. Maybe it’s hard for them to admit that they also have problems.

  3. It’s hard to talk about it because I do not have such problems … I just always said that suicide is a worst-caseed people who can not cope with their problems …. I do not know if that’s a disease … that’s my opinion and I will not say that it’s right … maybe I do not know enough about mental distress

  4. I think those men who are in stress or depression should speak out their minds to their dear and near ones and try to find a solution.