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Why is a glass of wine a day useful?

I’m not a fan of alcoholic beverages. I only try it for some special occasions. But many times I have heard how healing a glass of wine a day is.

Drinking alcohol is usually one of the first things that doctors advise against if you want to live a long and healthy life. While beer and spirits can negatively affect your metabolism, liver, and calorie intake, wine actually has a number of positive health benefits, especially for women.

For the best benefit to your body, drink a glass of red wine with dinner. This is because red and purple grapes offer the most nutritional value. Drinking wine regularly and in moderation can improve your overall health, scientists report, and these are the reasons why this is so.

A glass of red wine a day should:

1. Improve your memory.

2. Reduced the chance of cardiovascular disease.

3. Improve your immune system.

4. Reduced the chance of ovarian cancer.

5. Increased estrogen levels.

Warning: the beneficial effects should be valid only with moderate drinking of wine. So, one glass (1 dcl) of wine a day.

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  1. The Dr does not want me to touch alcohol but I can but hardly ever, due to the behaviour of drunks,,put me off
    I will probably drink a glass of red wine now and then, probably once a year.
    You can get the health benefits of red wine from eating grapes fresh from the vine.


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