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Why Do You Put Yourself Through Hell?

It’s a very good question and right now I simply don’t have the answer. I watch the same behaviors and results over and over. Still, it seems I come back to warm my hands near the fire and hope for a different outcome.  I would change who I am and be very successful. I just don’t think I could live with myself. Then again, perhaps sometimes you do what sells even if it doesn’t feel right for you. There just seems to be a whole bunch of questions and not many answers that set well with my soul. 

Do I dabble and so things I feel are unethical, and that I KNOW work? Is that what is wanted here? Whatever it takes, no matter truth, reason, logic or ethics. If only three people even bother to read other than the ones who are here to tear you down, why not put that target on and let it ride?


Just in case

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    Drop your morals at the door?

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    Be ethical and invisible?

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What do you think?


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  1. do the right things.

    A really good friend of mine always says this. “when the computer is off, and the modern is quiet then we have to live with ourselves.”

    yes he said it 30 years ago, but the point is still true. Don’t say things online that you wouldn’t say in person. But honest, be ethical but always be true to yourself!

  2. The best we can do is adjust to each situation and make the best of it that we can. There are things that sometimes we just have to do but we don’t want to do and then we have to decide if we will or won’t do them and what the consequences will be.

  3. Often in life, we all want some things, situations and sometimes people to change. But we have to realize people must make that change, and we cannot make that choice for them. Some circumstances will never change, no matter what. We have to accept. All we can do is all we can do.

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