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Why Do People Have to Die?

The call came in at 4:21 am. I knew as soon as I heard the phone it was my grandson. I knew that he was under his bed, pushing up on the springs with his feet and trying to figure out something that was bothering his sweet soul. 

He simply asked, “Why do people have to die?”

“These bodies we have were not made to live forever. They get worn out, broken and need to put away, sometimes that is why people die. Sometimes people die because they are tired and troubled and they need to have a rest from taking care of their body. Their spirit, the part of them you know and love is very much still alive. It never dies because it can be “worn out”, it’s eternal and that means it lives forever in some form.”

“Will I see Grandad again?”

“I am not sure if you will see him again. I don’t know all the technical stuff and plans. I do know that I often feel my Mom and I know her spirit is near.”

“So when I feel like Papa is watching me that’s okay?”

“That is so much better than okay, that is totally awesome. I hope Papa comes to visit often. 

“But I have not felt Grandad yet.”

“I would guess it takes a little time for him to get used to his new self. I hope he is with Granny and they are busy getting caught up. I believe that if you keep your heart and mind open, you will feel them when you need them.”

“I am not sure I believe the same thing. I just know that sometimes I feel like Papa is watching me.”

“It’s all good and never be scared when you feel like someone who loves you is close. That’s the best gift ever.”

“Hey, I bet everyone else in your house is asleep. Now would be a great time to get a bowl of cereal and get your reading pages done that you missed last night.”

“How did  you know I missed it?”

“Lucky guess, love you and I have to go!”

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