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Why do Newborns Have Unique Smell?

Ever wondered why a newborn baby aroma? Interestingly, not only parents but also strangers attract aroma of newborn and now many investigations have been conducted in this regard but scientists have been unable to provide a definitive answer to this question.

Concept 1.

However, scientists have some ideas in this regard, as such the aroma comes from the chemicals released from the sweat of newborns, however, their aroma did not last for more than 6 weeks because then they start to eat instead of getting food through the navel and because of this, the process of metabolism begins.

Concept 2. 

Concept 2 says that aroma in newborns is related to vernix caseosa , It is a lacerated casing that sticks to protect the skin of the fetus. After the baby is born, it may be separated from the skin during bathing, but the aroma may come from the baby’s body for some time.

Perfume plays an important role in human life because it is directly related to our brain. The scent refreshes our good and bad memories, It also helps us to identify poison, and that’s what connects us to our other favorite people and things.

The typical aroma of newborns disappears after a while or few days or weeks, but a mom always feel this aroma from their child even some time for an year.

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