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Why Delete Feature is Beneficial in Article Revenue Sharing Sites

This year, the admin gave in to some of our suggestions. This signifies they do listen and it is our prayer they will also consider introducing the other features/changes that we requested (those that are applicable and beneficial to users and the admin/moderator/site owners).

With article revenue sharing sites, the site owner(s) split the revenue earned between them and the users. I don’t know which percentage they take but the revenue sites I used to write for would split the percentage along these lines 70 (user):30 (site owner(s)), 50:50, 60:40 and so on. 

Since the revenue fluctuates depending on the traffic, it makes sense that revenue sites wouldn’t demand exclusive rights to articles published on their sites. This would have been possible if they paid upfront or advanced loyalty. However, since we are sharing the revenue as it comes they’re not supposed to take hold of our articles exclusively.

This means if the articles we have published are not doing well, we can delete them and post them in another site or altogether delete them. There are some articles on Hubpages that don’t get any traffic. With such articles, I delete them but I don’t publish them anywhere. Maybe one day I will work on the articles and republish them. 

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  1. You made some very interesting points and I agree with them, it would be very useful to have such a button but I don’t know why they removed it… I too wrote about it in one of my posts and all I know it maybe could be because one user said she will start deleting all her posts, I don’t know… :/
    But what you said never occurred to me and those are very good insights!

    • I joined Hubpages in 2008. It took me 7 years to earn $60. However, when they started creating vertical/niche sites but connected to Hubpages, the views increased. On average I earn $60. During November and December it is $100. This year’s the views were low as was the case here in Virily starting October.
      The good thing about Hubapges is that I haven’t added any article (just some minor editing) but at least I earn without sweating a lot.

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