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Who the hell is reporting my comments? – Please stop this stupid game!

There seems to be someone on this site who hates me so much, so from time to time he finds it appropriate to report my comments. I thought Tasartcraft is reporting my comments but it seems that she is not the only one doing this. For several days, she has been blocked. Then who the hell, and why did he/she report my comments today? Please stop this stupid game!

I’m very angry, sorry!  Not because I lost 20 virils, but because I don’t see any reason why anyone was doing this!

  • Does anyone know who’s reporting my comments?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. I’m sorry it happened to you. I don’t see your posts or comment as offensive or report-worthy.
    But… Perhaps someone was sensitive to some of the things you wrote?
    It might not be hatred but just sensitivity or misunderstanding.

    Anyway, I hope its out of impulse and the person will stop once he calms down

  2. Oh my God. I didn’t know there could be so much hatred. I don’t see anything going on with my viruses. I don’t even know how to report. I see no reason to cause trouble here. Very unpleasant situation.

  3. it may not just be for reported comments. I lost 140 last weekend and know that 4 comments were reported.
    the other 60 may come from reaching the daily comment limit, but I don’t know.

    I am sorry you have had comments reported. It has bitten me many times since the bloody 20 viril penalties was implemented.

    So I guess if it helps, you are not alone.

    • I also had some reported comments last week. Those were reported by Tas, but she is blocked and someone else continues to play the same stupid game. I would like to know who he is and what his reason is. This is all. I don’t really care about virils this time.

      • well, there are two sides to the argument.

        1. it is hard on the author that loses virils. But what if the person has a reason? Would you prefer that they respond to you in the comments? I would, personally, i am always open to fair and open discourse.
        2. the reality of the situation is there is still a lot of anger on the site. You may sadly be a focal point right now (I know that isn’t fair, but it is possible)!

        • I would like to know what that reason is, so that I can correct what I am doing wrong. I always say openly what I think. I don’t think my actions on this site are so offensive. Maybe my way of always saying what I think, sometimes disturbs. Do you know any reason why I am the focal point of anger on this site? I’d love to know that.

          • well, i would say the language you’ve used in this post would make some upset. Calling it a stupid game may have been a bit much.
            (saying this because you asked)

            That said, I do agree with you that being told why rather than having comments reported is much better. please note I only pointed out the first part because you asked.

        • Thanks for telling me! I usually don’t use this language. It may have been better to calm down, but I’m human and sometimes I get nervous. However, my comments were reported prior to this post and not as a consequence of this post, so I think the reason was different. Next time, which I hope will no longer exist, I will be more careful when choosing my words. Thank you again, Doc.

          • You were told million times why your posts were offensive towards me – because you mention me in them in a negative way – the same way you now did here. – this comment is for the admins to remove this post!

        • It’s good your ego is never a problem……….

          They made it painful to stop the ones who were reporting as well, CAUSING conflicts that way constantly!!!!!!!!! Especially when it comes to the things that are said as the truth!

  4. I don’t understand. It appears you have lifelong enemies here on Virily. Frankly, I have read your posts and comments and I don’t see what is to be reported. Unless one is abusive or uses vulgar words. Sorry to hear this.

  5. I wonder why people would report comments that are not offensive. I have so many comments on my posts which I could have easily reported but let them be because it wasn’t even worth the effort.

  6. I got one of that too a couple of weeks ago. You will which comment is tagged, there is a note that says ‘Comment waiting for approval’. (or something like that).

    I saw that on my comment to one of DocAndersens posts.

      • That was my initial reaction, because they are close in time and in your screenshot you have notifications on the ad-related posts which was the last time my comments got reported.
        It would be nice at least to know which comments get reported and a main reason, like spam, offensive, etc., otherwise even if I deserve a penalty there’s no way for me to correct myself.


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