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Who Knows Who Frank Key Was?

This stained-glass depiction of the Biblical “Rooster” and denial, seemed a fitting accompaniment to my article, also, my dearest wife, is a serious collector of all things, “chicken” and I wanted to flirt with her in public, so, there!

The next time, you feel the need to criticize or cuss a few democratically nonappointive American leader’s apparent maladroitness, a view, presumably inclined by a scarcity of information, or have a difference of opinion with another citizen’, instead of reasoning, with him, or her, remember the story concerning an explicit brave Lawyer from Baltimore once, whose name was Francis Scott Key, yes, he was in all probability not known as Frank Key and no disrespect implied, hence my article, honoring his courageous act, well, he was the person who wrote a song that I’m certain you’re all familiar with.

 If you’re an American national, you’ve positively heard it and even sang it dozens of times. it’s in all Christian churches. It’s known as the American anthem, it’s  the one you sing at all  rallies and sports events, and even when you attend public gatherings and you most certainly sing the words of that song and the words float over your minds and over your lips and, ofttimes, sadly, it would seem, several of you don’t even grasp what a bright beacon of sunshine, your, anthem and flag is to outsiders like us.

 Several of you have memorized The Star-Spangled Banner as a child.  However, have you ever thought deeply, about what those solemn words mean, and under what dire circumstances they were once written? maybe you ought to hear the true story of  Francis Scott Key, the brave Lawyer from Baltimore who lived at a time when the colonies were engaged in vicious conflict with the English…


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  1. It was the darkest hours of the War of 1812. America was losing and losing big. We, as an independent colony, then nation were about to once again become part of the English Empire.

    Key sat in a fortress at the mouth of the Baltimore Inner Harbor. If that fort fell the war was lost.

    The story in the song is of the morning after the battle.

    Thanks! Nicely done!

    • Hello WITTY Today you outdid your Avatar/handle, with that quote! There is an entire book hidden in those few words. Thanks for appropriately posting it on this post.

    • Hello Alex, that is what the author of the contents of the video discovered in his research.

      I have verified his claim, through several American sources, where certain Christian churches started their proceedings with the singing of The Star-Spangled Banner, however, whether you are in favor of or against the practice, is entirely up to you. If indeed you would like the practice to be instituted, based on the Biblical command to Christians, in Romans 13; verses: 1 through 5, Your Constitution gives you the right to ask for it to be done. I am not an American and do not live there, I have merely been touched by the courageous deeds of your forebears, women, children and frail, who stood tall in 1812, in a fortress at the mouth of the Baltimore Inner Harbor, against the might of Britain at the time, and have, in our own war of independence, had our women, children and the frail, placed in harm’s way by the same nation, in 1899, about 80 years after your country’s attack by British forces. (In our war, 115,000 women and children died in British concentration camps) Regards, Andre’

    • Hello Shavkat, I sometimes wonder if there aren’t more loyal, “Real” Americans living outside the USA, under exceedingly more ABOMINABLE conditions in their: “Sh*thole”, (President Donald Trump’s quote) countries? The mere fact that their borders have been flooded for years, by the masses of the world, should make them more tolerant and APPRECIATIVE of their leaders’ faux pas. Thanks for commenting. Regards, Andre’