Who do you consider as the greatest bowler of all times?

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Cricket is a game where bowlers can make as much difference as their batting counterparts. The list of all time great bowlers includes both spinners as well as fast bowlers. Spinners can have longer careers compared to fast bowlers since the latter is subject to more wear and tear. But some great fast bowlers have managed to play long destroying their opposition on any surface. Spinners operate more with guile and deceit. Truly great bowlers are match winners in their own right. The great bowlers shine on any surface and it hardly matters to them if the surface suits spin, pace or the batsmen. Looking forward to your views.

  • Who do you think is the greatest bowler of all times?

    • Richard Hadlee
    • Muttiah Muralitharan
    • Shane Warne
    • Anil Kumble
    • Glenn McGrath
    • Sydney Barnes


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