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Which One Should I Choose?

I just feel that this December I want to catch up with lots of things before the new 2020 comes. One of them is to finish a coloring page that I already started. Among several working in-progress pages, I’m most interest between two adult coloring books.

The first one from Romantic Country by a Japanese illustrator called Eriy. While the second one is The Time Chamber which is illustrated by a Korean illustrator named Daria Song. These two adult coloring books have distinguished style but I love both of the style.

To color these two pages, I’m using a pencil color from the same brand which is Marco Noir. Both of these books work well with this pencil color although I feel it’s slightly easier to blend the color on Daria Song’s coloring book.

Now, I’m not sure between these two and it will be lovely if you can help me choose which one that I should try to finish first.

  • Which one do you like the most?

    • Night Garden
    • Girl in the Air Balloon


What do you think?

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  1. I made my choice. But to help you make yours, flip a coin and put it at the back of your hand. Cover it with your other hand. Don’t look at it yet.
    If it’s head then it’s Night Garden. If tails, then it’s The Girl in The Balloon.

    Before you look at which side is up, think of which do you wish should come up.

    That’s your choice.


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