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Which country would you like to choose for a vacation?

Citizens of most countries prefer to travel to other countries for vacation. Spain ranks first in the list of best countries for vacation, Spain remains a tourist attraction, for entertainment Spain a country where law and order is better than other countries. The list of top ten countries includes European countries France, Italy and the United States.

The World Economic Forum ranked 140 beautiful places for travel and tourism, In which  Spain ranked first. According to the World Economic Forum, flight attendance, value of currency and travel safety are taken into account in all countries around the world, Spain securing the first position for the third time.

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    Which country would you like to choose for a vacation and why ?

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    Do you have any other choice beside these top 10 countries ?

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  1. Italy. ?
    Seriously, there are so many places in my country I want to (and have to) visit.
    Either way, I’d stick with Europe first and consider the other continents later. I haven’t got a passport yet, but thanks to the EU free borders I could visit countries like France without one.

  2. There are quite a few countries and I will never see them because I don’t ride a plane …. But I was transporting Europe for a long time and across

  3. I would like to visit Australia and New Zealand, as they are nearer to my country, Malaysia. I have always been thinking of visiting Finland and Denmark after reading articles and books about their education.

  4. I am going to cheat here. I would just love to visit my own country from east to west and south to north. I have been to Toronto once and Montreal and Quebec city only (Canada). One other country would be Luxembourg as it is very small but very scenic and quiet…

  5. I would like to visit all these countries but I will have to pick Australia because in a year or 2 we plan to visit Tasmania again, but it very much depends on circumstances.. and Australia is more affordable

  6. I would like to visit Spain for the first time or Italy again. Also Vienna is another place I want to visit so Austria.
    And there are so many places I have not been.