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Where Else Do You Share Your Photos?

Photographers! I have a bit of something to share with you today.

For quite a while I had been looking for another site where I can earn from my photos without necessarily selling them.

Although, for a number of years now, I have been posting some of my photos on is a site where you can sell your photos. They don’t to be taken using a DSLR.

Over a few years, I have uploaded only about a hundred photos on that sight. One was bought and I got $16.00 from that sales. To think I don’t even market my posts on that site.

A few weeks ago, I found another cool photo-sharing site that pays for the view. Thanks to our fellow Virilian, Gary J. Sibio, I discovered the site from his post on Facebook.

Not only they pay the owner of the photos per view, but photographers can also create a market place where they can sell their photos on different forms. From digital download or print on different forms.

The site is called Clickasnap. You can check out my profile and posts here:

Note. As far as I know, the sites mentioned above don’t have referal programs.

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    Do you post your photos on other photo-sharing sites?

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    Have you heard of Clickasnap before?

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    Do you know any other photo-sharing sites that pays their members?

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Written by artbytes26

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    • I started uploading at twenty20 with some photos with 5MP only, Alex. However, I sold only one photo over the years.
      From your posts here I think your photos are good enough. You can try uploading them on clickasnap. On that site, you will earn per view.