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When is the last time you checked your flashlight? Do you even have a flashlight anymore? I realized that yesterday, when I reached for two different flashlights, and neither had batteries. I had to get my cell phone to use that as a flashlight. I wanted to see under the refrigerator in the garage.

Part of that is my fault, and I normally check flashlights every quarter. Maybe this is my problem, but if you have flashlights, check them.

(The other thing was we didn’t have the battery type, but that is a prepping problem).

I did find the item that rolled under the refrigerator, but it took longer than I wanted it to! I changed the batteries in all the flashlights I had around the house. The problem with using my cell phone as my only flashlight is two-fold:

1, It doesn’t fit into smaller spaces

2. The light chews the battery, and if it is the only light I have during a power failure, I lose the phone!

There are several interesting technologies coming that I am excited about. Rocketbook shipped their product that converts a whiteboard (any whiteboard) into an interactive digital whiteboard. They are sitting on my desk for this weekend and installation at the house. I am going to put the corners on two whiteboards in the house and see how it works.

 The other interesting technology (short term) is the world of Bluetooth headsets. I won’t spend any time on this right now. There are three types of headsets that people have and love. The first is the “in the ear,” the second is the over the ear, and the final type is the over the ear headset. All three connect to your phone or computer (softphone) to provide you with a connection for voice traffic. I am going to do reviews of a couple of headsets I’ve used and my choices.

 Finally to end for today, the growing world of off-air TV, and cutting the cord. I was a Dish Network customer for 25 years. In that time we moved to three different cities. I cut that connection nearly a year ago. I do not miss Dishnetwork! But I do wonder how much longer I will have a cable connection at home. I suspect that is a question many people are asking. How much longer will I watch traditional broadcast television?

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  1. After experiencing the 1989 earthquake I am still always having and checking flashlights. I have some other backups as well. …. I have 3 dishes left on my house. I think they can be turned into solar reflector ovens. I gave up on paid TV service well over a decade ago. When asked back then I said I was going to see if I could remember what it was like to sit on my porch.


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