When the pet gets sick

Our town is under lockdown that travel is discouraged. The checkpoints in the town borders are trying to restrict movement. There is no public transportation and only private vehicles are allowed. But what if the trip is very important like a medical need? The checkpoint will allow you. But what if it is a pet?

The other morning, we were shocked to see our oldest dog with an almost shut-eye. He has difficulty in opening his eyes. We cannot bring him to the vet’s clinic because of the checkpoints. Fortunately, our vet is always willing to help even with just a phone call. The vet said that sore eyes is prevalent with dogs so he prescribed an eye drop. We bought it and on the next day, our dog’s eyes got better. It was fortunate that the problem is not critical.

  • Can you bring your pet to the vet now?

    • Yes


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Written by Alex Socorro

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