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When the child in you comes to the fore

That is exactly what happened to me when I was left with the kids to work on a blank porcelain piece to paint on. 

My nephew and his wife along with their kids took me on an outing when I was visiting with them in the US.  I spent a week with them. There was this place where we were given paints and a brush to create designs on a porcelain piece.  My nephew and his wife left their kids and me at this centre to do some shopping and we had time to amuse ourselves, panting 

I forgot I was an adult and created what you see in the photo.  That surely cannot be something an adult would do but when the child comes too the fore, this is the result. 

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  1. When I have the time and I feel like it, I color and draw and even if I am not very good at it I enjoy myself greatly. I even have some bubbles from which I can blow bubbles when I want to and why not? Life is to me enjoyed. I think you were very creative with your painting on the porcelain.


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