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When It’s Enough It’s Enough…

Before I continue posting I have to say something…

Lately I was quite active, spending a lot of time here every day, trying to reward Each new article that was posted, as much as I could… (Sometimes I spent all the daily Virils so I couldn’t manage to reward all the ones but that is another theme I will post about later, in my articles about Virily – commenting and opening articles and how to earn more…) Maybe that is the reason I become that frustrated, spending and investing all of my energy here while not receiving that much in return… I understand the objective reasons people have, like not having time and other obligations but I’m talking about some other things here…

I’m fascinated how all the people here “enjoy and care mostly about interactions and not earnings” but somehow they tend to post 2-5 posts a day while not even answering some of the comments nor “having time” for other people’s posts that much… I hardly manage to answer and comment everything and can’t even move to another post until I do that and reward everyone so I post 3-5 times a WEEK..!

I decided to reward only the ones that reward me… I’m tired and angry to always rewarding some people no matter how many daily posts they post while they come just once in while to give something back, and some of them NEVER…! I am also tired of other people always waiting me to come to their posts FIRST and comment so they would give something back…! I am the one always going through the Latest list while opening ALL the new posts and rewarding EVERYONE and EVERYTHING I like… I wasn’t counting, I was giving, and mostly because I was previously given something, but it seems it’s left on that something while I’m still giving a lot more than I received…! You can tell I am here to earn, but no, if I was here only to earn I wouldn’t care about these and such things…

I’m also very angry towards the people who never reply nor read the comments given to them, or even “better”, the replies that were given to THEIR QUESTIONS…..! Recently I was asked several times the same question about me “working for Virily”, “receiving answers from the admins while they don’t” and “having some info that other members don’t have” where I replied all of them, and never got the reply back..! Even though after that I was asked again those same questions by the same person in some other posts, and Again didn’t receive Any reply to that…!

No, I don’t work for Virily (don’t you think I would’ve already been a Verified member long ago if I was and published several posts a day like some members do, and my posts were approved when no one’s were…?!?), yes I do get answers from admins sometimes – if you are interested in them and “how I get them” then pay attention to what I write – everything is written and served there like on a plate…!, and yes, I’m tracking some things here so those “”special” info I got” is from that…!

Also, the specialty is when someone kinda asks you to do something for them, like comment their posts and similar, you do that and then they don’t answer any of those comments…!

I also heard some other users felt the same at some point, also being unsatisfied with the same things, also being frustrated by not being answered when commented and even reporting such comments so at least it’s much easier when you know you are not the only one…!

You can call me negative, conflicted, or whatever you want but what is not fair is not fair, and that’s how I am…! And “sorry” for expressing some things and Values which seem to be completely REVERTED here…!!!…..

  • Do you feel the same sometimes?

    • Yes
    • No
  • How often…?

    • Very often
    • Often
    • Sometimes
    • Rare
  • Do you reward such people…?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Sometimes
  • Do you comment only the people who reward you or all the things you like…?

    • Only the ones that reward me
    • All the things I like
  • Are you annoyed that some people will (almost) never comment on your posts until you comment on theirs..?

    • Yes
    • No
    • A little
  • Don’t you think everyone should always reward everything they like and not always waiting on others to do that first…?

    • Yes
    • Yes, but I stopped doing that because those people are rarely giving anything to me
    • No
  • …Especially if those are the ones that are generally supporting them all the time…?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Are you aware that people who write more than 3 comments on your post don’t earn anything after the third comment but you as an author still do…?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Are you annoyed that some people forget how much you generally comment and support them so they are still waiting you to comment on their new articles first in order to reward you…?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Does it sometimes look to you the more you give the less you receive – like not being appreciated enough…..?

    • Yes
    • No
    • A little
  • Do you think “not having time” is sometimes just an excuse for actually having other priorities (you often see those people comment on other people’s posts)…?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
  • To me other people’s opinions are important but now I’m actually wondering how honest they are….. Do you think people here are honest when commenting…..?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Partially
  • Do you post more than you comment on other people’s posts…?

    • Yes
    • No
    • It depends (write in the comments)
  • I exclude people who are not often/always here in order to “give something back” but they always show they care when they come back…

    • Yes
    • No
  • I also exclude people who generally don’t comment other people’s posts – you can always choose whether to “reward” them or not…

    • Yes
    • No
  • I also exclude people who genuinely don’t manage to comment everything immediately but eventually do that when they manage…

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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Written by tasartcraft

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  1. Agree 100% with Gogata Ionut that spending that much time online is actually not healthy, please don’t worry so much about all these annoying things! Sure that all of us are very grateful to you for your really titanic work, but you should allow yourself quality rest!!! As for me, I may take breaks from work on Virily for various reasons, but know that I always try to read all the comments and respond to them as far as possible!!!

    • Thank you so much for these very kind, understanding and wonderful words, it really means a lot…!!! I too agree with him, it’s not healthy at all, especially now that I had so many conflicts with several people who do not understand me… I am very glad for your appreciation and thank you!!! Yes, I know…, I am currently taking a break due to the reasons I’ve just mentioned too… 😉 Actually I’m also having a different approach now or at least tend to change it… I too appreciate your visits and comments and responds and do know (like you already once said) that you are not always active and always trying to “return the favor” whenever you log in…! 😉

  2. I understand your feelings, tasartcraft 😀. Look, don’t try to please anyone except yourself, spending that much time online is actually not healthy.
    I remember your comments and I’m glad you’re so involved, but take it easy. I think your decision is the right one, comment on what you like or find interesting and reply to comments on your posts. This should be enough 😁.

    • Thank you so much and for thinking so…! 🙂 Unfortunately I think not everyone thinks so… Some consider this kind of posts “negative”… But I don’t like to listen to such people and like to express my own opinion… It just came over the top and I just had to make such people aware of it… Thank you very much, I hope so…!!! 😉

  3. I’ve to admit there are some days I came only to post (or rant :p) so I don’t comment or just comment a few… There are also days I cannot come up with creative comments and stick to being “generic” … I have a few reasons, sometimes its just that I’m tired or that I forgot I haven’t responded because I’ve read the posts (on my phone) and my brain told me I’ve commented already -_-”

    I used to expect from others too (I guess we talked about this), but not so much lately … sometimes, you just have to ignore the handful of people who doesn’t give back and focus on those that did and appreciate your work… 🙂

    • Hahhaa!… 😀 I guess that is ok too since it’s due to your possibilities… 🙂 All of that is normal (happens to me and probably other users too) and understandable… 🙂 Yes, when it comes to that I’m always following my notifications, one by one, and visiting posts in the order they are published… 🙂

      Yes, we have… 🙂 Yes, I know, but since it kept repeating and gathering it came over the top so I just had to say what I think and make those people aware of that… Now, I can certainly relax more and not pay attention to those users much anymore, not be overwhelmed by constantly rewarding them for nothing anymore… 😐

      Thanks for your comment and your support too! 🙂

  4. This is a very old topic. I, too, can not answer right away, but I do it lately. I do not approve the behavior of those who do not, but everyone has their own opinion. People are different, as are the different fingers of our hand.

    • Yes I know but I had to repeat it since it started bothering me a lot.. Yes, I know, I am aware of that and I don’t mind you nor anyone else who has the similar problem.. The problem are the ones that don’t do it ever and don’t care much about such things…! 😐 I am glad we think the same about it.. Yes, they do, and so do I, so I probably won’t visit and reward them as I used to anymore….. Yes, but one thing is being different (that I can respect and choose if I will accept or not – like the people who never comment other people generally) and the other not appreciating some things… Maybe I have a problem doing something too but still try to do it in order to appreciate someone, so…

  5. I am trying to read more post, but for over a week I have had the flu, or just a bad cold. I try to post one each day for my 365 day photo challenge, but not much more due to illness, but I do appreciate all your support. I hope you post more handbags, because you are always full of great creative ideas. Thank you for all your support.

    • I knew you were busy with your family but I didn’t know you are having a cold… I know that, noticed your posts, ok… Yes, I actually noticed you only commented when I posted them and not about these other things so I thought that was the reason…..? :/ Thank you for your compliment, I am very glad you think so, and I will certainly post them eventually too since there are these other things I need to post about currently… Welcome and thanks for commenting and supporting me too…

  6. To be honest, I pondered and introspected long enough before writing this comment. I think we have discussed this before but anyway, if I am one of those people who disappoints you then I have to apologize to you.

    Up to about the first year here, I once had the same thoughts as you wrote here, at least feeling wondering at some values ​​(I even talked about community culture because basically culture is the way we play here based on certain values) that exist and live here but finally I decided to stop thinking about something that was just tiring myself. Throughout my experience here, I think many people who have questions and thoughts like you and I also often gave some possible as to why people behave as you say when they ask me. Well, that is my personal point of view and doesn’t have to be equated with anyone.

    • It’s ok… At one point I thought something like that about you because I was seeing your comments elsewhere in other people’s posts but I understand not having time and lately you are visiting me too so it is actually not bothering me anymore since I don’t have to bother and worry about catching up on all the posts regularly since eventually we visit each other at one point sooner or later (if I explained well… :/ )…

      There are different (reasonable or less reasonable) reasons but there are some very annoying “manners” that I notice and that is why i had to express this…

  7. When I asked an article last year, how to watch it and give it a vote, so that he knew that I was watching his article, he answered that he was only looking at what he liked.
    OK, I do not watch his works anymore.
    Then I got comments that we are here for fun. Maybe individuals.
    Others want to make money.
    Have you noticed that a certain number of members have the privilege of publishing one or more articles on the weekend.
    Are we equal?
    What makes me mark Legend if my post is from Friday to be posted on Monday.
    In fact, here is the behavior from real life.
    As we are, we are here.
    Of course this is my opinion, which does not have to be true. If I hurt someone’s feelings, I apologize.

    • You are right… Many here don’t care about giving back nor appreciate what is done for them (after all they Earn on our activity on their posts and should appreciate that…)… I can understand if someone doesn’t like something at all (there are things that I don’t like too therefore not commenting them) but I am here long ago, know many of these people for a long time, supporting many of them, but still some don’t care much about it…
      I’m not saying I am not getting enough attention on my posts, or that everyone are like this, but some unfortunately are…

      I believe no one is here “only for fun”, if that was the true they would never be on a site that pays… I am here to have fun because I enjoy creativity, to share my creativity through my work I post here (I came here primarily to share my artwork) and to Earn on that of course…! 😀

      The privilege you mention is only due to that those are Verified members, which means they can post without the approval of the admins and they can do it anytime they want, so yes, on weekends too… Everyone can become a Verified member and that is by the quality of their work… That is how they became Verified…

      Post are not published during weekends because admins are not working on weekends, at least seems not always and not much… Sometimes some posts do get approved on weekends too…

  8. I understand your frustration of feeling ignored. I’ve been on the receiving end of that and it’s hard to take.
    However, I have learned not to expect to get when I have given as that is what I have been taught.
    I have about 5,000 notifications and wonder at all the people in there I have not been able to respond and feel very sad about that, so I have been trying to respond as quickly as I can..

    However, I also want some innovative work to share as well and that is another.

    In all many get burdened with life and their situations..

    I have learned from you and appreciate what you have done.

    I would encourage you to do what inspires you and share that passion. You will be surprised how many people appreciate that.

    I know from your previous work you have done some very good drawings and made them into T Shirts. You are very gifted and talented .

    At least here what you put up to share is free to you. In many NZ Art galleries they charge up to 50%-60% commission not to mention to pay up to $700.00 just to show your art work with hidden costs. I just can’t afford to do it

    Having said this I wish you well and every success.

    • Thanks…
      I don’t feel ignored that much, there is plenty of people who comment on my posts and are interested in them or are just giving back what I gave them or the opposite, but there are some which probably many of us experience that simply seem to have that “manner” of behavior, something like “blackmailing”, or that simply don”t have any feeling of an appreciation for being constantly rewarded… That, I must say, annoys me very much, and I believe many other people too… 😐

      Wow, I never heard someone has that many unanswered notifications…!!! 😛 ;D To me it happened only a couple of times to have around 1000 of them but 5000…..! 😀 I know how you feel, I feel the same when I miss some posts…
      PS If you meant that I mind you for being late in your responses, I understand when people are late due to such and similar problems so don’t worry… 😉

      Hmm, sorry, not sure what you mean by “sharing innovative work” and “In all many get burdened with life and their situations..” – in which context are you mentioning this…? :/

      I am glad you learned something and thank you for your appreciation…!!! – I guess you meant my Virily articles by that…?

      Of course… I am posting the things that are currently of my interest and other people’s interest too – when it comes to Virily themed posts, but I am still posting my work from time to time, just the way I feel… But I think I actually get even more responses on the Virily themed articles than on my own work, and what I wrote above is meant no matter what I post…
      I don’t think the theme is the problem but the general way some people think and behave here – not all of them of course, like I already mentioned above… I don’t think people are not interested in my posts just that they don’t care in another way – the way I tend to have towards them – to support even when it’s something I maybe don’t like that much but appreciate the author or just treat everyone here the way I think everyone here should think of others – we are all, after all, here make each other earn…
      I also agree I should follow my passion so thank you for that…!!!

      Thank you so much…!!! I am very glad you like them and thank you MUCH for the compliment….!!! 🙂 Yes… I have a lot of works just not everyone can understand some of those but I am certainly still posting about that just currently have some other priorities here… ;/)

      Yes, I know, I think it’s like that in many galleries although probably very expensive in your country… I do exhibit sometimes since we have some other ways of exhibiting too… 🙂 maybe you could try posting your works online on some sites for that…? Or Instagram too…? :/

      Thank you so much for your wonderful support, I wish you every success too…! 🙂

  9. I no longer feel like that because I adapted to this “lack of balance”. I try to have fun and enjoy the platform, and I’m happy I get rewarded for actively participating. It would be frustrating if interaction was the only way to earn here.
    Then, I still work hard in bringing content into the platform. Writing posts and look for images, or taking pictures, is very time-consuming. Commenting and replying to comments is as well, because I must always make sure there’s quality in what I do, and I sometimes have to make a research on Google, even for a comment.
    We aren’t native speakers and we sometimes play in disadvantage.
    Because of this, it’s still saddening to see we aren’t always appreciated, despite our efforts. However, it isn’t something we can force. I can’t force myself to comment and act interested towards topics I don’t care much about, for instance matters about sports, technology, politics or who knows what else. And I expect others to not bother, because I might face comments of people who aren’t genuinely interested, or people who didn’t even read my post (like it happens to you), and I feel frustrated at the thought I have to reply to those comments.
    But I still do, unless I can’t think of nothing except the very generic “thanks for commenting” I’d rather avoid.

    Did I write too much? 😐

    • It’s not too much but maybe you just didn’t actually quite understand what I mean (some parts of it)… It is also therefore a little confusing for me to answer everything but I’ll try… 😉

      I am now adapted to the lack of balance when it comes to the people who are late but eventually they are there to show they care and appreciate your visits to them… 🙂 I’m not saying it’s only that, but some people genuinely also like what you post… Or the ones that are just not that active in order to actively “reward” but they give something sometimes…
      I am glad for being rewarded for that too and this is meant only for the ones that have that certain “manner” of behavior which I also mentioned below… Yes, it would be frustrating…

      I understand… I don’t “work” for the content, it actually comes all by itself in a way (not always), and everything I post is already my existing work… You don’t have to work that much for it (I know you are a perfectionist, hehehe ;), but you don’t have to do it that much), although I do care about the quality of my own content and it is the work for/on ourselves at the same time so i understand… I also care what i will write in the comments but certainly not overwhelming myself that much with it (maybe just sometimes when really necessary so I have to find the info)…..

      Yes, I agree with that, especially when it comes to comments… Even though my English looks good I noticed sometimes my comments sound the wrong way then they should…

      Of course, that is not what I meant even though I will sometimes make an effort and even comment on some things that aren’t of my interest in order to reward the one who rewarded me…
      I do not want to force anyone since I don’t comment the posts I don’t like either, or if it is the author who I generally appreciate and who rewards me too then I will try to come up with a comment (I can’t explain exactly how and who I’m visiting since it changes depending on different things but there are authors who I visit constantly – the “friends” group – the posts and authors who and whose posts I like, and some who I visit only sometimes because they also don’t visit me often or I just don’t like what they post, or the theme is not of my interest, and those who are also the ones who never comment almost anyone I visit some of them sometimes too…). I am only talking about the people who have that “blackmailing” “manner” of behavior – comment for a comment – non-natural behavior – because I like to visit everything I like, and also there are those who Never or Rarely give something back even though we have Similar interests and don’t feel bad at all for not giving almost Anything back… So I understand when it is the matter of interests, time and similar (I already explained that) but sometimes showing appreciation to someone whose posts are not of your actual interest is also a genuine act in a way…

      I appreciate every effort people give in order to “give something back” no matter if it is a generic comment when they didn’t even read the article, but I have to say I do mind it sometimes depending on the situation… (too many variables to explain… 😐 )

      How do you know people don’t read my articles sometimes…..? 😀

      • I was talking about me, it wasn’t meant to be a series of critiques or observations about you, so it wasn’t supposed to be accurate. I definitely got lost with the 16 questions. 😃

        I’m overcoming the perfectionism by having goals when it comes to posting, and it’s going quite well so far. Yes, misunderstandings happen all the time, language barriers seem to make it worse, that’s why we need to interact and be surrounded by people who are willing to listen and understand.
        They sometimes create funny moments, like those asshole flowers, or something along those lines. Do you remember it? 😄

        I didn’t notice that “blackmailing behavior”, but I know what you mean. I’ve been like that today because I couldn’t recover all the content that has been posted in the last two/three days, so I decided to just check those who interacted with my posts lately. But I expect to get back to normal in the next days.
        I think it can be either due to lack of time, or lack of dexterity.

        Oh yes, I still appreciate the effort too, even with generic comments, I just find it difficult to reply to all comments, and the generic ones are the hardest. 😅

        I meant there are people who visit your articles but they don’t read them, or they wouldn’t be asking so many questions. I think it happens with pretty much everyone, if the text is long. Most will only pay attention to the photo and title.

        • It’s ok, I know, but I wanted to explain my perspective on those things too… 🙂 Hahhaha, yes, I knew it would be too much but sometimes it’s hard to write it differently… :/ 😐

          Oh, well, great them, I’m glad it is going so well…!!! ;))) I’m not sure now why you’re mentioning misunderstandings ( I wrote so many things, ahhaha!!! ;D) but yes, I completely agree, or just keep that professional line and distance when commenting… Btw Thomas answered me and said everything is ok now but I’m still not (completely) ready to get over it… ;/
          Yes, I do remember, hahaha…! 😀
          (PS I have a feeling like we are sitting somewhere, drinking coffee and chatting when talking to you, hehehe! ;D)))

          I didn’t mean like they are directly asking for something but not paying attention to your posts until you comment on theirs (waiting to comment first)… Maybe it’s like that only with my posts…? ://( Or there are simply people who don’t go through the Latest list which I doubt… 😐
          How you couldn’t “recover” them…..? :// Not sure how that could happen…? :/
          Maybe… But to me it is not always looking that way… :/|

          Hahaha, to me they are the easiest but not that pleasant/enjoyable… ;/D (Are you using those emoticons from your phone because i can’t post them from my computer… :/| :|)

          I know, but I think some of them actually don’t understand what is written or the thing it is written about… 😐
          Yes, and what annoys me is that all the people were actually Complaining when their (even very long) articles were not fully read and genuinely commented but only the photos they posted in them…! :||| And now They are the ones “not having time” (or whatever) to read them…! 😐

          • Hahahahaha, the photo you attached with this article also helps creating this atmosphere of chatting while sitting and having a coffee! 😂

            Yes, I know what you meant by “tit for tat members”. They seem to realize you exist only when you comment on their posts. Well, I did about the same today because I knew I didn’t have the time to go through all the Latest list since the last time I checked, and the daily limits probably wouldn’t have been enough either. Hopefully there will be chances I recover the posts I missed, they can either appear as suggested or I will check the profiles as I go.
            Honestly, I’ve never paid attention to the Latest list until some weeks ago. Or a month ago, I don’t remember. I only checked the polls and users list until I became more active.

            I’m always on a computer when browsing Virily, I just right click on the text box and choose Emoji in the drop down menu. On Google Chrome, that would be. 🙂

            Most people don’t practice what they preach, it’s normal. If an article is very long, I might forget some paragraphs, but at least I try reading and understanding before I leave a comment. 😅

        • Hahaha, yes, that is actually the idea!!! 😀 😉 , but I don’t get that impression with everyone, hehehe…! ;D

          Yes, exactly what I meant, glad you understood…! 🙂 Oh, ok… 🙂 The daily limits would certainly be enough if you separate opening posts from polls and quizzes (two or three separate – parallel tabs… 😉 )… Yes…, I am a lot behind too so I save the page in my bookmarks and remember the article where I left of so start from that and going (scrolling) backwards, hehehe…
          Hehehe, for me the Latest list is the main source since there appear the new members’ articles too…

          How I don’t have that option????? :/OOO

          Of course…, especially if it is a Virily theme which concerns us all…

    • Hey, yes, of course, this is of course not meant for you (it was a little before we explained ourselves but now it isn’t), there are also some other people who to me seem are acting the similar way which annoys me…..!!! :/

        • I am not burdening myself with it anymore because now I will probably act the same as them or simply the way I like at that moment and give to/reward the ones I like and want to, but I had to say what I think and make some people aware of such things, because I think they should know and be aware of it…!

          • They are probably aware that they are not burdened with this … and I also advise you not to annoy because of this … anger is damaging to beauty … it is just that you said what you think … I wish you a nice day

        • Maybe… Well, I just had to express what I think and make such people aware of that… Now my behavior will maybe become more loose towards such or similar people and that is kinda a relief to me too… I was trying to do much and it was burdening me too so now I can relax too and it’s maybe even better for me this way too… 😉 Thanks much…! 🙂 You too…! 😉

          • Finally, you overlooked the fact that some people here do not have to be annoyed … you will live a lot easier and better

  10. I am new here and I am still finding it difficult to manage my notification. I know I will eventually arrive at an efficient way of addressing them. Right now I respond to all the new posts here and I believe I have responded to most people that way. I may have missed out some, but I guess I need to be more careful.

    • Oh, no, of course…, don’t worry about it, I know you are new here, and I noticed you are visiting me too and I appreciate that…! I am glad you take care of that… 🙂 I would only like if maybe you answered the comments/replies you receive sometimes but now that you said you are actually still having problems managing the notifications I can understand how it may be overwhelming for you so “giving back” to the users that comment you is great and enough too…! 🙂
      Yes, probably with time you will get used to everything and be more efficient but what and how you currently do is great too, and you certainly shouldn’t push yourself beyond your abilities or possibilities if not able to manage everything…! 🙂

  11. Honestly, I am happy that some members visit my posts. But I don’t expect much from them nor from the site. I don’t want to think that other members are visiting or commenting on my post because they expect something in return. What I want to think is that they visited a certain post, commented because they find it useful.

    I am a blogger and I am devoting my time to learn how to get organic visitors by implementing SEO. I usually write long blog posts. I write about ideas and topics that will answer the most commonly asked questions.

    Virily is a good platform. We can write short posts and about any subject that we want without many restrictions. We can pour our emotions when writing. This is one good thing I like about this site.

    What I can say is that if you think that your current style in writing is not working, why not change it? Remember, we cannot change other people-we can only change ourselves.

    • Yes, I understand, of course… I agree that is the best reason for visiting someone’s post but generally this is a site where if you want to get visitors you also have to visit other people too or they will probably not visiting you – as I already explained in the text and even more in the questions… I am quite long here so I pretty much already know how things work here… And also, it is a nice thing that when someone “gives” something to you, you give something “back” to him too… That is generally how things work here.. But the problem is there are some people who will (almost) Never visit you, never feel bad if they gave nothing “back”… I am not like that… I can sometimes not like something so I will not comment or will just say something in order to give something “back”, but you can’t tell me that if I visited ALL of someone’s posts and that person even has the similar interests as me will not like Anything I post and will Never have anything to say, or will always wait to comment them first in order to comment you- I did not say that is the way of “asking” for comments but that it is the way other people Act here – like a “blackmail” (I also already explained that in the text and question too)…!
      I really can’t explain you now certain people here who I know for quite some time but what I’m saying here has to do with being “a person” not a good writer….. – because I did see those same people comment some “crap” posts but not mine too…..! 😐
      And, after all, this IS an Earning site, so if someone is adding (a lot) to your earnings it is nice of you to give something back, right…..

      Yes, that makes the site nice too…

      I also don’t think it has anything to do with my style of writing, nor I say people are not visiting my posts… When I think people don’t like what I post I do change the things I think they don’t like… I am also not trying to change anyone but writing about something else what I already explained in the text and above in the comment….. I am certainly not trying to push people who don’t like what I post to comment since I don’t comment what I don’t like too…..

      • I’m sorry, I didn’t notice you are an artist. If so, be the best artist and flood your wall with your works. Personally, I would most likely comment and share an opinion on topics related to technology and strategies especially with regards to online earning. I always look for those topics and always make a comment in or out Virily

        • Have you read only this reply or the previous long one too…? This was just a PS…..!

          I am here very long and I am posting my work too, you can see that if you browse through my posts… Like I already said in my previous, very long reply, I don’t have problems with getting attention on my posts and the themes I post about, I also have different reasons for posting a certain theme at the time, I was talking about some other things here, which, I repeat, I already explained in my previous, very long reply to your comment…

  12. Did you write this for me? lol Joking of course. I know you spend a lot more time on my posts than I do yours though.. You are one of my main supporters, you are so kind, always finding my posts and games and commenting. I will have to admit that I am one of the worst at keeping up with everyone’s posts. I just don’t have enough time, and yes I do post more than I comment, if that makes sense. I guess I have to say I am guilty of this. I am trying to get better though, and a lot of it is thanks to you. So I will have to say thank you for bringing this kind of behavior or lack there of to all of us. 🙂

    • Hahaha… 🙂 No, not especially for you, there are many people who act this way and you are one of those who visit occasionally, heheeh… 🙂 😉
      I must say you are very kind too for writing this this honestly… 🙂 Not sure what to say/answer first, hehehe… OK, so I am very glad you are aware of the things you wrote, also I am very glad that you appreciate my support – I like your posts and we are kinda “friends” here so I comment as much as I can manage all the posts I like, including yours too, not always managing everything of course… Hehehe, yes, I know…, you already said that once so at least good to know what’s/that’s (still) the thing… 😉 I actually did notice you are away but noticed your comments here and there so just wasn’t sure… When I said “post more than you comment” it was maybe mostly meant of the ones that are active and yes, what you said makes sense, heheeh…
      I am glad you are trying and giving your best to be more active and I’m actually very surprised that I inspired you in that but certainly don’t want you to feel pushed to anything nor to do anything against your own possibilities…!!! 🙂 No one should be overwhelmed by it, this is just for the ones that don’t care (at all) or have that “give and take” – “blackmailing” ;D behavior, but I guess everyone has the right to do/act the way they want or feel comfortable or maybe they are really not being able to manage everything…
      I am lately very active but maybe I won’t always be so it will probably happen to me sometimes too, I don’t want to push anyone to anything but just had to express how I feel about some things which will now probably affect my behavior here too… But I have to say, it is kinda relieving, not being That overwhelmed if I managed to comment everything right away and similar and being more loose in that… 😉 I just don’t like that thing when people will not comment something until you comment them first, even though you are generally almost always commenting them, that is really annoying… ;/|

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