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When Clouds Come Into My Life…

Sunset on sea. Stock photo

When dark storm-clouds come floating into my life, not to carry rain or usher in a storm, but, as if it were at all possible, to add even more color to my glorious sunset sky. A beautiful sunset that could easily have been mistaken for a dawn. Suddenly, the sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire as the composer of this masterpiece, the sun sank slowly into the crimson abyss. No sunrise or one sunset is ever the same.~ Tranquilpen-©

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  1. You are right when you say that your photo could be seen as a sunrise photo

    My digital folder is busting with sunrise photos. I have no scope to click sunset photos unless I go to one of the beaches here.

    • Hello, Mila I’m so glad you liked it. These natural appearances are free to view, yet, so few really see them. This reminds me of a scientist, Dave Pepler, who since retirement has offered up his time to answer scientific questions from listeners, I listen to the program once a week. Today, Dave was visiting a site in Zambia, advising on some or other natural phenomena. He said that he has been so blessed in life having visited every nook n cranny of the world. But in all the years, nothing came close to when he had to listen to the beating of his own heart, today, in the last stretch of his fast-fading mortality.

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