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What’s your preferred method of transportation?

As I prepare for a long journey by airplane, I am thinking about preferred methods of transportation among Virily members.

I will differentiate between travel for leisure/pleasure and day to day transportation such as getting to/from work/school etc…

  • Question of

    How do you like to travel?

    • Airplane
    • Car
    • Bus
    • Ship
    • On foot
    • Train
  • Question of

    How do you get to work?

    • Car
    • Public Transportation
    • Taxi/Uber
    • On foot


What do you think?

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  1. As per my views, it depends on the type and need of transportation service. People who go out for vacation usually prefer flight or train but for the people who decide to move from one place to another, no other transportation service could be better for them other than hiring someone like Florida Transporter team ( This is so because while moving to new place, we want our belongings to be shipped in the safest way and such experts help in shifting the vehicle safely to the target place.

  2. Transportation to me depends where you live. In Auckland the public transport is unreliable and not very good not always accessible to everyone. So most travel by private car, not all have one.
    To walk to some places is either dangerous or too far, it depends on where you are going.
    The train routes, if you live near a railway track are the most reliable and nicest way of travel but sometimes the trains are not working.
    A lot really depends on your circumstances. I don’t often go overseas, but in New Zealand my first choice is by car because its accessible and my husband is disabled.

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