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What’s Your Passion?

I have quite a few and I make money PFF of some of them.

I love writing and earn money from this skill writing blog posts, articles and ebooks for individuals or brands.

I also love sewing and earn making clothes for women and children.

Its great to make money from something you love so much. I also love watching movies, although I have never earned a dime from this passion. I don’t even think it’d be possible to do so.

  • Have you ever earned from your passion?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. I used to raise parrots because I loved them so much. I did this for several years and then we decided to move and I gave it up. It is a lot of work setting up an aviary.

    Another passion I had was writing. I was a fashion editor for a teen magazine and wrote on several websites through the years. At one time I went freelance and wrote for clients.

    You could write reviews for movies and place on a blog. Scoop up the pennies from AdSense or sell your own ads.

    • Wow, it must have been fun raising the parrots. Those little intelligent animals are always intriguing.

      For the writing, why ever did you give that up?! Lol. Writing is such a cool way to make extra cash.

    • Yeah, writing is great. I hardly come on here as I don’t even understand this site anymore.

      Most writers just get a blog these days and monetize their passion with contextual ads or direct ad placement.

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