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What’s the secret?

For some time now I have been thinking about how some people try harder and some less. I heard about the results of some research. People use only 10% of their potential. Thinking about people using more than 10% of the potential, I wondered how they succeed? Where does their will come from? Where did their motivation come from? Why do some people use less potential and some more? Why are some people more successful and some less successful? Maybe some motivational books can help us? I’m sure we are all successful, but one’s success is visible and other people’s success is hidden. Maybe we don’t manage our time well. That’s must be the reason why we are not enough successful in life.

What would be if we use our maximum potential? I don’t know if it is possible. Many people think it is possible. It could be.

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  1. I need to twist some things to upgrade my level of life. Also, one’s success in life is usually different from others. Not all of us have the same idea of what can be regarded as successful.

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