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"What's the Good Word?"

This game ‘What’s the good word?” used to be telecast and the public was invited to take part.  I took part but did very badly. 

Based on this game I introduced it in our office and gave it the name ‘Wordict’  There are three teams each with two players.  Words are placed in envelopes  One team member opens the word and gives a clue and if the partner gets the answer at the first clue the highest score is given and that tapers down to the third clue and then passed on to the other team but the score gets further reduced.  Each team gets two words per member 

Every word also has a quiz that the team should answer.

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  1. I used to enjoy playing word games. You might be interested in looking at they always offer different interesting information about words and can send one word a day to your email and then after a week you can take a quiz on the words

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