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What`s Cooking For Dinner? Meat Or No?

Seems everyone is on a quest to get healthy so they are on one diet after another, no meat this week and a week of meat the next.

How do we find balance?

What is healthy?

I have been looking for the meaning of this my entire life and I think I have found it.


But I will add that you do need to eat more vegetables and fruits, that is the fiber of our being. It goes in and it HAS to come out, having regular bowel movements keeps the waste from building up toxins in our bodies.

Some say meat is important for iron and protein, but there are more vegetables available that will do the same. Beans for protein and greens for iron.

Now to the good old dairy products. While I have an allergy to milk preservatives I will eat cheese or yogurt on occasion. I often hear ” oh you need this or that to get probiotics to have a healthy gut. Well, have a nice helping of sauerkraut! Yes that is the same as eating yogurt. And… did you know that dairy products increases the production of phlegm?

So what is on my dinner plate tonight?

Baked pork chops seasoned with garlic and black pepper, a little lemon juice when plating and  a nice salad of lettuce with cucumbers and tomatoes, drizzled with Ranch dressing.

Portion is key. Eat all the vegetables you want but limit anything else.

Bread? Nope pass on that its not good for you.

Pasta? Nope pass on that, its just another form of a flour product.

Rice? Its okay sometimes but will jack the blood sugar to extreme levels.So what is on your dinner plate?

By Andria Perry

Photos By Pixabay

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    Do you have to have meat with each meal?

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    Can you live on fruits and vegetables?

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    Do you eat dairy?

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Written by Andria Perry

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  1. I have watched a lot of documentaries recently, it is amazing how they can cite studies stating their way is the healthiest way. Vegans, vegetarians, keto people, gluten free. You could lose your mind trying to figure out how to eat. It is discouraging.

    • LOL, I have to agree. Over the years I have found that eating more vegetables has given me the best results, since I am diabetic I try to stay away from flour based products. I think if you eat smaller portions you will be good on all that you eat.

  2. I agree with you; moderation is the key. Meat is an excellent source of protein that plants can’t match and most people eat far too many carbohydrates and not enough protein. It is hard to get the proper balance between carbs and proteins without eating meat. That is one reason so many vegetarians and vegans are overweight or obese.

    Still, eating nothing but meat isn’t a good idea, either, and if a person isn’t reasonably active, it doesn’t make a lot of difference what they eat.

    • I agree about the obese vegans, they eat way to much pasta and rice. Maybe that is why the vegetarian ways are good with me, I am diabetic so I stay away from carbs. I am not vegan because I do eat fish, cheese sometimes.


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