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“What would you expect to get in return for two loads of wheat plus 4 loads of rye, plus 4 fat oxen, eight fat pigs, 12 fat sheep, 2 hogsheads of wine, 4 barrels of beer, 1000 pounds of cheese, a bed, a new suit of clothes and a silver beaker?

Well, what you get in return for a small gesture of respect and common courtesy, you get food like this for your eternal soul.

Thank you, dear friend, I will strive to be eternally worthy of your kind words which I initially wanted to preserve my heart only, but please forgive my indulgence, as these words are so precious, they deserve to be displayed as an encouragement to the many other angels like you in our  midst:

“You’re a rare one”.

I can share with you that your kind wishes, thoughtful posts, and messages have literally saved my soul on more than one occasion. Yes, this is a comment based on your information above, because your insight, sharing, view of the world is something that is more valuable than any of the things listed above. You share a part of your soul.

I don’t give this compliment often. My niece wrote a poem and part of it appears on her headstone. So I want you to know that “You’re a rare one”. Those are sacred words in our family and you wear the title well.


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