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What would you do?

I’ve been watching movies lately and sometimes I think about what happen – like if I was in the same situation, what would I do?

Is there a better ending?

How do the people in that era live?

I thought these can be quite interesting … because Virily has quite a variety of people, so it’ll be interesting to know what you people would do…

  • Question of

    If you found a pouch on the street and there is a note saying “you now have the power of invisibility”…

    • Try out your new ability
    • Disregard it and just carry on
    • Look around for candid camera
    • Take a photo and share on social media
    • I just want the pouch
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    It’s midnight, you’re walking on the street when you saw a guy about to stab a woman with a knife…

    • Stop him!
    • Call the police
    • Run!
    • Fight him!
    • Video down
  • Question of

    You’re a blind person with superb hearing. But you realised that after you regained your sight, your hearing is less sensitive. Your job requires perfect hearing, a mishear could cause death…

    • Make yourself blind again
    • Quit the job
    • Take a break
    • Report to your siperior and let him decide


What do you think?

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  1. Thank you so much for such unusual poll, made me think about myself from different angles.To my mind, my final decision will depend on many different factors and it could be very different from what I think right now. Therefore, it is unlikely that the answer will be completely true.


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